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VIDEO: Human Rights Commission outtake 5.6.09 Sit-Lie Law / Fritz

Commission Fritz was at the monthly Human Rights meeting here in Portland on 5.6.09.
She speaks for a few minutes on the need to continue getting more input before a decision can be made on the Sit-Lie Ordinance.
Sit Lie Law & Fritz at Human Rights Commission 5.6.09
Sit Lie Law & Fritz at Human Rights Commission 5.6.09
The Human rights Commission heard from the City Commissioner Fritz, on why we needed more time for discussion on this subject. I myself feel we should expedite sunsetting it.
I am concerned about this issue and feel like it is of "ones best interest" to let Commissioner Fritz and the full council at City Hall, aware of your feeling and reasons why you would advocate for the sunsetting of this unjust law.

She mentions she is seeking input and wants dialog from those it would impact the most
She seemed genuine in her question ... but only needs to listen to her heart
The fact that this law can be manipulated and the ones with out a home will be impacted the most seems unjust and un acceptable

I also seem to remember some other promises that were to be in exchange for this law being implanted...like showers, benches, day center, etc... ...and are those promises fulfilled?
How many homeless people have been affected by this law, is their any statics?

With no disrespect I am advocating strongly for better ideas than resorting to the sit lie ... and I am encouraging laws that have dignity, civil respect, and human rights in the framework of the law.

Here is the short outtake, I have the 2 hour longer version coming to Portland Indy Media soon

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Full Length Video from Portland Human Rights Meeting 14.May.2009 21:38

Joe Anybody

Community documentation video

A 2 hour "portland human rights meeting" on may 6 09
Posted on Archive.org recorded for independent media