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Foreclosure Resistance in Portland

foreclosure auction disrupted - disruptions to be continued every Monday morning (10am 1021 SW 4th Ave).
On Monday morning, May 11th, the Multnomah County Courthouse was to be the site of the auctioning off of foreclosed homes, a weekly occurance (Mondays at 10am, 1021 SW 4th Ave, corner of Salmon). This time it was also the site of public outrage as about 20 people, including people whose homes were in the process of forclosure, some ACORN activists, and other people, entered the courthouse and disrupted the auction. Fortunately, America and civilization itself were saved when deputies hurriedly took control of the situation by both rudely and politely requesting that the "protesters" leave. Which they did, then continued the nosie-making from the sidewalk.

No sales were made when the time came around to take a break. Some of the would-be buyers stepped outside and, after seeing the crowd of angry people, returned to the courthouse for refuge. One person whose home was slated to be auctioned off was prevented by the cops from entering the courthouse even though he hadn't participated in any of the boisterous protesting.

Almost as soon as people entered the court house sherriff's deputies successfully kicked out most of the protesters.  To do this sherriff's deputies shouted and shoved some people out of the court house, even people who weren't being 'disruptive.'  (I don't know what could be more disruptive than forcibly losing one's housing so that a bunch of bottom feeders can aquire a bargain priced investment.)  Legal observers and people with cameras and video recording equipment would definitely help make these actions more effective.  For example keeping the public out of a public building for demonstrating or even observing seems like some sort of infringement of the 1st amendment, just saying.  Also people who wanted to disrupt could potentially come separately and not give away their motives right away for maximum effect.

This action will be repeated every Monday at 10 am sharp.  If you want to participate it's best to show up a few minutes early.  ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now is doing much of the preparation / organizing for this event.  So anarchists/anti-authoritarians beware: these actions will undoubtably include calls for support of legislation (SB 628) and may not include calls for a total overthrow of capitalist property relations (unless you show up, natch).  And ACORN as an organization is f'ed up in many ways.  Nevertheless this campaign has a lot of radical potential.  The part of it that is the most exciting to me is the fact that it involves standing in solidarity with folks who are in danger of losing their homes.  People who really need help in the here and now.  And in one case someone who's squatting! So help out or don't but please don't hate.  It is enough to have your home at risk with out anarcho-trolls adding insult to injury.