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Military ship inbound to Vancouver NOW.

Can you observe the Port of Vancouver WA?
Port of Tacoma says:  http://www.portoftacoma.com/Page.aspx?nid=129

The Ship known as the Green Dale is landing soon at Vancouver WA, and Port Militarization Resistance would like to know what it is dropping off or picking up.

This ship is large, like an ugly dark blue parking garage on the water. It is not grey like all the other military ships you know and love. It was slated to come to the Port of Tacoma last week, until we announced its movements and they apparently made emergency arrangements for a different landing. SO: the question is, is it going to pick up or drop off? Only your eyes can tell us.

Sorry, the regular PMR-INFO line is down right now. Email contacts only.

 http://www.siitech.com/ (click the 'See Web VTS Lite live') and follow the ship to its position, so you have an idea of where to look. If there are a lot of cops protecting the area and preventing your viewing, let us know that as well. It MIGHT be dropping of Strykers for convoy north on I-5, too. We just are not sure.

homepage: homepage: http://www.olypmr.org

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