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Mothers Day Silent Vigil

Starts at 12:30
stand in silence against the war and killings
Start time is 12:30pm sharp. End time is 1 PM.

This is a silent vigil, from start to finish.

Please dress in black.

We will be wearing, on a string around the neck, or holding in our hands, a photo of somebody who died in the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. (Hint: The string is easier to manage.) We would like to keep this specific to Iraq and Afghanistan so only photos from there are appropriate for this action.

If you don't have such a photo to wear--not to worry, there will be some extras. In that case, go to the front of the line (the end nearest the garden entrance), take a photo from the black bag, and put it around your neck. If the bag is empty, there are no more extras so please take your place without a photo.

At 1 PM Julia Ward Howe's Mother's Day Proclamation will be read. At the end of the reading we will all walk away. Once we are out of range then we can chat.

To read the Proclamation click here:  http://www.codepink4peace.org/article.php?id=217

Please pass this along to friends and family and anyone who might like to participate. It's going to be an even more powerful and emotional event than previous Mother's Days.

For more information contact  info@codepinkportland.org

The garden is located on SE 28 Avenue, one block north of Woodstock, between
Eastmoreland Golf Course and Reed College. Or take TriMet bus #19 Woodstock.
This bus takes alternating routes as it goes through Eastmoreland; ask the
driver for the stop nearest the Garden.

video link 10.May.2009 20:56

Joe Anybody

"We will not be silent"


beautiful! 10.May.2009 22:03


What an awesome vigil! Thanks for the copy. I would have liked to be there, but I was with my mother. Take the love and let it glow from you to others.