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animal rights

Animal Rights/Welfare Letter Writing Group

Gather monthly (2nd Wednesday, 7:30-9:00 pm, IDA offices) to discuss a given topic and write letters to elected officials, news editors, and others. Topics include breed specific legislation; killing of sea lions, Omak Suicide Horse Race, and Elephants in circuses and zoos.
Animal Welfare and Rights Letter Writing Group

We are just getting started!!! ALL are welcome!

IDA office (NE Alberta and 18th)
Every SECOND Wednesday of each month, 7:30 to 9:00 pm,
Beginning Wednesday, MAY 13, 2009

Contact person: Jane Bicquette,  jbicquette@gmail.com, 503-380-4647
Interested persons may contact Jane and/or just show up.

What to bring: Your compassion for animals, and your lap top if you have one and would like to compose your letter (or email) on it.

Provided: Vegan snack/drinks; paper, pens, clipboards for writing on, envelopes, stamps, relevant addresses and "talking point" information.

Goal: To provide ongoing support and resources for creating and sending factual, convincing letters addressing a variety of animal rights and animal welfare issues.

Greetings and introductions.
A topic will be presented, via dvd, speaker, and/or handouts, lasting no longer than one half hour, followed by a brief discussion of key points. Present handout of key information and contacts.
Participants may then choose to take the handouts with them, or remain at the meeting and engage in an actual writing group, where attendees will compose drafts or complete the letter (or email) at that time.
At 8:50 pm, we'll have a very brief closure discussion, including suggestions for future topics. Cleanup IDA office space.
Finish by 9:00 pm sharp,

First Meeting: Wednesday, May 13, 7:30 pm. Please arrive on time. Topic: "Breed Specific Legislation", presented by Justyne Moore. We will be writing to elected officials, news editors, and others.

For our first meeting: John Vandenberg will give a brief presentation on effective written communications.

For our June meeting, information and letter writing in opposition of the Omak Suicide Horse Race will be the focus. And in July, the topic will be Elephants in circuses and zoos.

phone: phone: 503-380-4647