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Whats Up With PDXIndymedia???

Yeaterdays calendar of events is useless ! This goes on all the time.
Whats up with this site? Here it is , nearly 2PM and yesterdays events are still up....what about today's events? Do we have to wait till tomorrow to find out what they are/were?? This is typical of pdxindymedia...be a day behind... This site smacks of PPD and FBI....any comments that might be a bit "radical" are never posted.....I think the Portland Police and FBI are the ones running this so-called "independent" site. Wanna bitch about bicycle lanes or vegan meals? You will get posted. But try to post anything calling for real resistance .....dont hold your breath. Im sure this will not be posted either..

Calendar & editorial policy 16.May.2009 13:04

imc volunteer

Despite my better judgement I will respond to this baseless accusation.
#1 The events get updated manually everyday. We are short on volunteers so sometimes I don't have time to do it before I go to work. If you want it done better, do it yourself.
#2 All the events are always accessible by clicking the big, blue calendar button.
#3 Radical-Revolutionary news/reporting is preferred
#4 "B**ch" = "complaining like a woman in an undesirable fashion" in the context which you use it. That violates the editorial policy regarding sexism.
#5 Considering the content of this post I can't help but wonder what you might consider "radical". Holocaust denial, palestinian bashing, male chauvenism, nazi bullshit, etc. is explicitly against the editorial policy.

The other chunks of word vomit I won't even dignify with a response.