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VIDEO: Police Shooting, Vigil for Jason "Peace n Justice Solidarity"

This video is from the:
"Police Shooting Vigil for Jason"
Who was only 17 years old
He was shot 11 times ... four years ago in Vancouver
The vigil today was organized by his mom and dad
The video is from the last hour of the vigil
Vigil for Police Shooting
Vigil for Police Shooting
The first hour their was not many people in attendance but it was an emotional and poignant hour.
What appeared to me was that the Vigil was not a high stakes drama, but was more solemn and reflecting, listening to the music meanings, and sorting the complexity of life n death and loss of a Son, who was a loved family member to the bullets of from a 'department of justice' (sic) who used excessive lethal force, just to stop a run away and car thief.

During the Vigils second hour.... the "PPRC 'peace & justice' NO WAR activists of about 20 people, and Portland Copwatch spokesperson, all visit the vigil to show their concern and Solidarity!

It was great to see this group show up ... I extend my hand and nod of appreciation to each and every one of you in the PPRC group who I filmed in this video.
A big smile to those that support Justice and an end to police abuse.

I have more excellent footage from this Vigil, as soon as I can I will share the full edited version.
There is a related post on PIMC regarding the vigil and my feelings here:

Here is the 7 min video independent media / filmed from 3rd street across from the Federal Courthouse and a block north of The Central Police Station in Portland Oregon.


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moving tribute 09.May.2009 09:57


This is a moving tribute. I feel sorrow for the parents, am grateful PPRC was there, and feel badly I couldn't make it. I want to know what I can do here in Vancouver. Somebody, please post some solutions.