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Leo Wanta Harassment by croonies

Harassment by investigations of Leo Wanta
Hi there,
I have a strange story that I am sure involves the Leo Wanta trust fund. It is a story of harassment that caused me considerable pains over the years.
I have been living in SE asia for about 5 years staying in guesthouses except for a brief visit to Mexico and Central America for one year.
I worked for the US Postal Service in Duluth, Georgia for about 14 years.
I lost my job due to "paranoid schizophrenia", which I to this day think was a result of being drugged or poisoned.
I worked on business contracts for a short time after this and had a breakdown and left Atlanta after a suicide attempt. I was being followed by people and having my photo taken every time I left the house.
I left for SE asia as I have always wanted to come back to this part of the world.
Besides having several diplomats "travelling" with me and meeting numerous attorneys from different places as I was travelling, I witnessed a number of other strange occurences.
On several occaisions I had people trying to get me to disappear.
Once an English or Aussie guy tried to get me to take out a life insurance policy on myself and disappear for some reason. On another occaision, a Canadian guy I was travelling with in Mexico tried to get me to disappear in the US for a few months.
I have met FBI, GBI, attorneys, etc etc not knowing why over the years. I have also met a large number of people from Wisconsin in my workplace at the N Metro Post Office in Duluth, Georgia and in my circle of friends in Atlanta. I always wondered why so many people from Wisconsin were around me in Atlanta.
Additionally when I was in Laos a few months ago I met an American guy that trained with the English military that said he "has family in Wisconsin." Around this same time I met a lawyer from NYC that was asian. I also met a man that was an attorney from New Zealand around the same time.
I know people have been trying to set me up over for the years and I have never understood why.
Someone mentioned the Leo Wanta trust to me and I became curious.
After reading some information on the web I am sure some of the harassment I have received over the years is a direct result of this fund.
I think Leo Wanta is a great man and I hate to see the governments and financial institutions take away what is rightfully his.
I have wondered for years why I have been tailed by certain groups of people. I have feared for my life and my paranoid/schizophrenia which probably was initially a result of poisoning has been quite intense as a result of the "tailing" by certain international groups and croonies.
I guess the scariest thing was when someone put some sort of gas into my house one night as I slept. People tried to convince me this did not happen....I would have died if I had not woke up and fled the house.
I also met a Englishman that metioned something about "bluetooth technology" to me.
He stated he only worked with it and that he did not create it. I am not sure what this is about or how it relates.
The one thing that assures me that this is a result of the Leo Wanta investigation is the fact that so many people from Wisconsin have been in my life in Atlanta and SE asia over the years...I always thought this was quite strange. After reading some of the facts about the Leo Wanta case I am sure this intimidation has something to do with this case.
These groups that are harassing people and trying to divert these funds should be punished for their behavior. It has caused me a large amount of stress sending me into paranoid states over and over again for more than 10 years.
Additionally these funds should be released to the appropriate organizations or people as directed.

Charles R Krueger Jr.