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athens greece vs usa

wellcome in athens girls
So here I am again walking in Athens in the area of Exarcheia and in less than a sec I am in the the self organized park (ex parking) . Ι talk with some comrades and as lots of people are there we notice 2 girls that they look foreigners. It was easy to tell from the way they walk and they way the were staring everything around them . The 2 girls are coming our way and they ask as whats going on here . we explain them that people occupied a parking and the turn in into this nice park .
The girls are from USA and they are in Greece to make a documentary about the reactions of the Greeks after the big fires in 2007 in Pelloponisos ,which is a big part of Greece in the south of Athens. They ask as what we know and we started to tell them that some protests were organized by some blogers . One of the the girls is from California and the otherhas roots from Mexico . They both study in the Seattle which is a cool place as they said and the area they live it looks like Exarcheia ( full with youth , students , artists etc ) After they finish asking all the questions about there documentary I say to my comrades in Greeks to pay attention in the question I was about to do .
hey girls ,I say, when is your workers day in USA ? the date at the time I did the question was 7 of May , a week after 1st of May .
Well they say the workers day it is in the start of September !
so , I continue , what about 1st of May ?
what about it ? the both ask .
- You don't know about Chicago and what happened there in 1886?
yea right , they had not a clue .
the story about what happened there is it known world wide except USA
what happened briefly is that there was a big strike organized by anarchists and workers who were demanding to work 8 hours . Police attack to the protest and killed many people .
the girls were surprised with that story and they asked how we knew all that . I said that it was written in my history book in high school ...
of course they don't teach them those kind of things in USA ...my comrades could not belive that the girls did not knew it , that the education system in USA don't include that historical day . The deal is that the Goverment of usa not only the don't teach that to the students but they moved the workers day in September . How this thing happend ?
I think here a nice poem of Kavafis fιts here

Without consideration, without pity, without shame
they have built great and high walls around me.

And now I sit here and despair.
I think of nothing else: this fate gnaws at my mind;

for I had many things to do outside.
Ah why did I not pay attention when they were building the walls.

But I never heard any noise or sound of builders.
Imperceptibly they shut me from the outside world.

so from what the girls said and from what I heard from other Usa citizens (and not americans couse america include also Brazil , Canada etc ) the education system is really controlled by the companys . It is very easy 4 me to understand that , easy and simple . the industrialists influence probobly the goverment with money and slowly the education system is made to create workers with no consciousness of nothing . Just to be happy that they have a job and thats it . Now with the economy crisis is probobly getting worst and so the 1st of May it would be really forgoten 4 ever . I ve checked the BBc homepage which is in uk and it was not a single article , not a word about it .even in wikipedia it has some pictures of few people to protest holding flags with hammer and they Sickle .Jee thats cool wikipedia also . Jee thats nice BBC . k of cource I dont think I have to mention ABC , nbc fox cnn etc . Nonthing there for the first of may daaa .
So the USA education sustem is really made by the future employers not to have any worryes .
I dont know how this thoughts will appear to the eyes of a USA sitizen .Probobly they think that the are not workers ,that they are Yappies , just couse they dress with a suit or whatever . the December riot in athens greece learned me that people have incrudible power and it is so easy to "kick over the walls " . We are using this power here in Greece now and even if nothing change at the moment we are seting the footholds for the future and even if we are not able to change the world right now we r going to die trying .
I think the girls were really shocked and I am glad we helped them just a little bit to understand how goverments can control the people
athens greece

Only looks that way 08.May.2009 18:22

Mike Novack

"...... of course they don't teach them those kind of things in USA ...my comrades could not belive that the girls did not knew it , that the education system in USA don't include that historical day ......"

Actually, probably not the case. The "Haymarket" and the aftermath of trying some of the survivors for the explosion and the later pardoning of some still not executed by the governor of Illinois at the expense of his career probably WAS in their history books (and they probably once read "Profiles in Courage" where that pardoning is one of the chapters).

You underestimate the ability of young Americans to ignore what they consider irrelevant. As somebody who experienced American eduaction from both sides (as student and as teacher) let me assure you that if they ever studied these events it was for "the next quiz" with their brains immediately after emptied of such irrelancies to make room for more important events -- like the latest gossip about some celebrity.

not in my school 09.May.2009 14:57


I dont know what kind of school you went to but Haymarket sure wasnt in my text books. In fact May Day was never brought up in my classes