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Demonstration Against Excessive Force and Violence

Demonstration against excessive force and violence, May 8, 2009, today at 4:00 PM.
Demonstration against excessive force & violence, May 8, 2009, today at 4:00 PM at the Federal Court House, 1000 SW 3rd Avenue at Salmon Street, Portland Oregon.

Join us in a Heart felt healing process against excessive force. Two beautiful songs will play, The first song, ( Violet Flames ), is a meditative song, sung beautifully with strong music which says to purify, protect our hearts, mind, body, give us grace, purify my feelings, thoughts,words, children,family, protect our homes. The 2cd song ( Come Home to your heart ), will leave us with a feeling of connection with our lost loved ones; A message to listen to your heart, I have never left you, I will always love you.

This demonstration is on the anniversary of my son's death; Jason was executed by officer Richard Torres of the Vancouver Police Department. We are seeking support to stop this kind of overkill. We, the universe, can not have peace nor rest in peace when a wrong action can not except accountability.

We would like the city of Vancouver forced to create an independent police review board.
We would like to see the Vancouver police all trained in crisis intervention training.

Thank you for your support,
Alisha White ( Mother ), Scott Wilkinson ( Father )

Contact us at :  justice_for_jason@charter.net
Phone number 831-818-3940

phone: phone: 831-818-3940