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VIDEO: bybee protest plus added audio 5.7.09

A short video of the ongoing Impeach bybee for torture memos protest.
Audio added of the related impeachment issue surrounding bybee's future.
Uncalled for Ethics
Uncalled for Ethics
bybee protest portland 5.7.09
bybee protest portland 5.7.09
Impeach Bybee, Portland Protest Video, is just over 2 minutes long.

I added 3 separate audio clips relating to Impeaching Bybee that I found on the internet here:

This protest at the courthouse in Portland is the closest 9th district court of which bybee works for.

This protest is in front of 9th District Circuit Court Pioneer Courthouse.

** Care to read the secret bush (bybee) memos?

Make a public stand against Torture, and Demand Justice!
Every Thursday at High Noon across from Pioneer Courthouse Square

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