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Making your Sari's

Nepalese Prime Minister (Maoist) Prachanda made his Sari Resignation Speech. It was reviewed by those left out of the discussion.
Making Your Sari's

The time came and went
After the Maoists had claimed power in Nepal
For them to establish female representatives
But some wombs are given guns and shooed
Away from microphones
Except when sari explanations about goodbyes and resignations
This constitution could have been built with 50 % of the population
But it was excluded and deluded you ask why does it go on?
This piece and that piece are your freedoms from peace
You got all your delusions cast down
Cast down caste down
And all the women with their bangles that jangled on forests paths
Must ask this question
If this gun is vs this gun
Why change ain't taken place for me yet?
You know your sari ass revolution ended *gasp*
When you got IMF And World Bank contributions and all that jazzy jazzy gun displays from India
Who's walking off what stage with which generations' to comes debt?
Could seven generations of servitude to come be enough for you?
I am sure you are caste down, and dejected and all that.
Crocodile tears ain't so sweet as yours my dear.
Some women knew you before you knew yourself
You were just pretty democracy literature best put back on the shelf.
Nothing happened that wasn't a model of all invaded
Neo-country territories. Watch out for the spider in the web.
He stole your spinning and is waiting for you, black widow
Go black widow. Go make your Saris.