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Say No To Vaccine Pushing Employee of Primate Vivisecting Universities Nominated To FDA

Margaret Hamburg, nominated to head the FDA, was a silent faculty member while
at primate torturing Columbia and Cornell.. was an aggressive pusher
of toxic childhood vaccines while NYC Health Commissioner
Obama FDA Nominee Supported by Pricegouging Insurance Companies and Pharm Vivisectors

Margaret Hamburg, nominated to head the FDA,
has a history as NYC health commissioner of pushing childhood vaccines which have killed children and
which are government welfare for multinational drug companies. Hamburg was a Giuliani appointee in NY,
worked for the Rockefeller finances oriented
Rockefeller University, as well as at Columbia www.columbiacruelty.com and Cornell,
both primate torture schools www.primatefreedom.com. She went on to the vivisecting NIH, As NYC health commissioner she had supervised an animal killing organization. She never spoke out against the primate abuse of these institutions. (The government of India
banned primate export to the US because of lab abuse.)

Neocon search engines prominently place her endorsements by
pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

The pricegouging Blue Cross insurance company supports her as does Bio,
a trade organization of pharmaceutical and other vivisection companies.

202 224 3121 Senate

Her letter defending the animal killing of an organization under her supervision

Dr Margaret Hamburg's name should disquality her from being appointed to the FDA.
A hamburg is a coffin shrouded cadaver (the coffin being the buns.)
Was she nominated to give constant advertising to the world's most ecocidal
industry? If she were concerned about the world she would have changed her name by now.

* The Poisoned Needle by Ida Honorof
documents some of the numberless vaccine
fatalities in the world.


Bill Gates' Internet Explorer (Microsoft) is blocking www.columbiacruelty.com
at public libraries which use his monopolistic easily hacked webprogram.

Gates funds vivisection around the world.

homepage: homepage: http://www.columbiacruelty.com