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Demonstration Against Excessive Force and Violence

Demonstration against excessive force and violence, May 8, 2009, Friday at 4:00 PM at the Federal Court House, 1000 SW 3rd Avenue, at Salmon Street, Portland, Oregon
Join us in a Heart felt healing process against excessive force. Two beautiful songs will play, The first song, ( Violet Flames ), is a meditative song, sung beautifully with strong music which says to purify, protect our hearts, mind, body, give us grace, purify my feelings, thoughts,words, children,family, protect our homes. The 2cd song ( Come Home to your heart ), will leave us with a feeling of connection with our lost loved ones; A message to listen to your heart, I have never left you, I will always love you.

This demonstration is on the anniversary of my son's death; Jason was executed by officer Richard Torres of the Vancouver Police Department. We are seeking support to stop this kind of overkill. We, the universe, can not have peace nor rest in peace when a wrong action can not except accountability.

We would like the city of Vancouver forced to create an independent police review board.
We would like to see the Vancouver police all trained in crisis intervention training.

Location: Federal Court House, 1000 SW 3rd Avenue at Salmon Street, Portland Oregon.
Date & time: May 8, 2009, Friday at 4:00 PM

Thank you for your support,
Alisha White ( Mother ), Scott Wilkinson ( Father )

Contact us at :  justice_for_jason@charter.net
Phone number 831-818-3940

phone: phone: 831-818-3940

Teenager Killed By The Police - VIGIL 08.May.2009 20:19

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

I went to this event and filmed it for independent media and in support of this family!
I can relate to the parents who had their 17 year old son shot by the police
Not because I have had my son shot ..but that he is only 16 years old
To have my son taken from this earth would shatter me

This family had their son taken from them
He was unarmed
He was in a van he "took" from some friends
He was running away form a group home
The police came to "save the day"
They shot Jason 11 times

Tomorrow is Mothers Day
A mother will be mourning, and I can relate, for I can picture my mom, and what if this was her?
This terrible murder by the ones who swore to uphold the law, is dragging into the fourth year
The Family has a law suit, the police in Vancouver are appealing the first stage and are fighting the charges
They shot an unarmed teenager, and are claiming they are innocent
A witness I was told has been intimidated by the police and is afraid to tell what he saw

As I filmed the first hour of music and a short interview there was less than 5 people there (me included) it was like this for over an hour.
How sad that there was no solidarity, or community support for a family that had their son shot by the police
How sad that this has been on Indy Media for over a week and no one could make it
How sad but of course it was no F-en surprise... the "Corporate Media said they were gonna be there and they weren't"

Next time we have a vigil for a police shooting (Which I hope it doesn't happen for a long, long time) there better be some solidarity and some community support.
If no one from the "general" community doesn't show up ....at least the PIMC reader(s) should step up!
This family had the son shot by the cops...come on people ....let see some concern and some compassion! Show that "you do care when the cops kill innocent children"

Now the good part.
After about and hour ...The 5:00 o'clock PPRC No War Peace march arrived
The 2O people stood in solidarity and in peace, with this family in the park across from the federal courthouse on 3rd street
The family I am sure appreciated the solidarity, by the PPRC folks


That was the best part seeing a whole group of citizens show their concern, to a family they didn't even know... .
To them I say Thank You !!!

Dan Handleman of Portland Copwatch then spoke to the small crowd for a few minutes
Dan has been assisting this family since it happened 4 years ago and was there today to speak a few words regarding the police murdering their son.

I will have a video posted here on Indy Media in a few days.

And as the sun shines on the pretty spring day... tomorrow we all celebrate with our moms, and the mothers will be basking in the love along-with and from their children.... And as the mothers' read cards from their children and hug and smile, a mother will be crying in Vancouver, she will feel the loneliness, she will see the emptiness, and she will still be asking ......"why ... .why did the police have to shoot my child... he was a young man .... he was my baby, he was my son! .... where is justice? where is peace? why did they have to kill him, he was just a boy"

Video Link from Demonstration 11.May.2009 00:04

Joe Anybody

Video is now posted on PIMC:

And more video from this event is still to come: