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PORTLAND TRANSIT RIDERS UNION--Fully fund public transit! No Cuts to TriMet!

Fight Tri-Met Cuts! Public transportation is a human right!
We are a group of Tri-Met riders and community activists which was initiated by the Portland Social Forum. In these times of economic disparity, when ridership is up, we believe that cutting services, hiking fares, and possibly even laying off public transportation employees is counter to building a sustainable city. Inspired by the Los Angeles Bus Riders Union, we work to build a long-term program for community involvement and participation in the decisions that affect millions of riders, and like the Bus Riders Union we believe public transportation is a human right. We reject any attempts to cut services or hike fares and strive to work with Tri-Met to build a truly democratic and sustainable city. For questions, comments or contributions please contact us.

Next Meeting:
Smith Student Union
at Portland State University
Room 229
Saturday, May 16th at 11am
(1825 SW Broadway)

Visit our website:  http://pdxsocialforum.org/trimet
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=137744510452

Questions or to get involved, contact
Al Bradbury  december24th@gmail.com, ph:503-307-7932.

Representative to the Economic Crisis Working Group planning group is
Patrick Ryan  celticfire84@gmail.com, ph:503-890-1256.

homepage: homepage: http://pdxsocialforum.org/trimet/
phone: phone: 503-307-7932
address: address: 1825 SW Broadway