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Clinton "Regrets" Civilian Deaths

Hilary "regrets". Gee!
hilary clinton said at a press conference today that she "regrets" civilian deaths from u.s. bombings in Afghanistan. Wow. How impressive. <yawn> I bet the dead people regret their deaths, too! Uh, how 'bout new policy, hilary, not new "regrets"! I have yet to hear anyone from our government talk about how they made the vile taliban as strong as they are in the first place. But then we have two parties which never look back, to learn, to acknowledge crimes, & to name the criminals who commit them. Witness obama's refusal to hold the vile bush thugs accountable for anything. If they had unpaid parking tickets, obama would not be inclined to collect.

IPedocide by hubby 06.May.2009 19:34


Guess she doesn't regret her hubby's infanticide in Iraq during his administration! Baby killer Bill!

. 06.May.2009 21:35


20 babies dead at the hand of war criminal Obama