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Andy and Bax: Cruel is NOT Cool

Lots of radicals go to Andy and Bax army surplus store. I used to also. It used to be a good place to get retro military gear and camping supplies. But I've found that Goodwill, the Salvation Army bins, and other thrift places are a lot better for getting cool gear, and a lot cheaper. And this is a good thing, because I have just sworn off A&B's, and if you care about animals, you should too. Here's why.
I'll be honest, I've spent a lot of money at A&B's over the years. Like I said, they used to be a cool place to get gear. But with their prices going up, and their merchandise getting less and less real and more fake-junk-shop, it doesn't really bother me that today, I went there for what will likely be the last time. I don't know why I went. I was really early for a meeting nearby, and it was raining, so I thought I would stop in to see what they had.

I had forgotten that I'd decided awhile back not to go there anymore because of the rabbit fur. It wasn't just that they carried it, it was that they had a stupid and insulting sign over it that read something like, "That's right, it's fur! And it's Dead! So what!" or something like that. The day I saw that I stopped going there for more than two years. (During that time, I found that thrift stores carry MUCH better stuff anyway.) But today, I went inside, and again found the dyed rabbit fur. This time, I did not see the offensive sign, just the dead rabbits and a sign claiming that this is what Raquel Welsh wore. Arg.

It's not like they don't have dead cows everywhere in the store, I mean there's certainly no shortage of leather. I tell myself that's a little different (though not much), since the cows did not die for the leather. That was just a byproduct of the meat industry (though it still helps to contribute profits to the killers). And maybe I could have told myself a similar thing about the rabbit fur. Some people do eat rabbits, I suppose. But then, I saw it.

I was about to leave, when I turned and looked back over my shoulder, and there it was. Stuck on the back of their cash register, was a big, fat, anti-sea lion sticker. A stupid, moronic sticker put out by the fishing industry, scapegoating sea lions for the excesses of the fishing industry. A cartoon sea lion with a fish in its teeth, and a red circle and slash. Oh, will you give me a break.

And above, there were the heads and antlers of various other animals now dead.

There is nothing funny or cool or hip about cruelty and suffering, and there is nothing cool or hip about an establishment that contributes this much to the torture and killing of other animals.

If you are a radical, please consider boycotting A&B's, because you make up a considerable amount of their profits. Stop supporting these bozos. Andy and Bax SUCKS. They are helping to build consent for the killing of sea lions on the Columbia, they pedal rabbit fur, they make fun of dead animals, and they encourage a culture of killing and death. They are not cool. Please stop giving them money, and I will too. And importantly, tell them WHY you are no longer giving them any money. Here is their contact information:

Phone: 503-234-7538
Fax: 503-239-8817

Update: Andy and Bax agrees to Remove Anti-Sea Lion Sticker! 07.May.2009 15:57

Portland Vegan

I spoke with an A&B worker today, who said that they have removed the anti-sea lion stickers. Apparently, there was more than one, but all are gone now. Cool. Sea lions are too cool to be scapegoated.

Confirmed 07.May.2009 20:39


I stopped by today to see if there was still an anti-sea lion sticker there. I did not see one. Awesome. Thanks to the person who had it removed. Sadly, there are still rabbit pelts there, and I'd rather there weren't. But the removal of the sea lion sticker is cool.

is Next Adventure still around the corner? 08.May.2009 07:32


I used to have good luck there, along with the thrifts. I did get a couple of things at A&B through the years, but was also uncomfortable with the general atmosphere and more often avoided it.