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11 antiwar activists arrested, Port Militarization Resistance continues TONIGHT AND BEYOND

At least 11 people were arrested last night attempting to block the deployment of Strykers to Afghanistan through the Port of Tacoma. Hundreds of Strykers remain at Ft Lewis to be shipped out, and we need YOU to come to Tacoma and stop them. By any means necessary.
anarchists, revolutionaries, and all who are willing to take action to stop imperialist ventures in Afghanistan and Iraq are urged to come to Tacoma tonight to help shut down the war machine; remember, direct action doesn't mean you have to get arrested. There are many ways to throw a wrench equipment movements... Meeting today in Olympia at 3 PM at Media Island, 816 Adams Street, and at 7 PM at Coffee Strong in Lakewood, 15109 Union Ave SW #2. Be there, or be ready to come up tomorrow. "11 activists were arrested Saturday night during two blockades of Stryker convoys from Fort Lewis. All but one has been released so far. The last person is in the process of being bailed out. The Stryker vehicles were heading to the Port of Tacoma for eventual shipment to Afghanistan in advance of the deployment of the 5th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Divison, where soldiers' skills and lives would be exploited to play up a really fucking stupid "War on Terror." One Stryker convoy was halted at the Fort Lewis gate near Exit 122. Another Stryker convoy was amazingly forced to a complete stop on I-5 near Exit 133. At times police clearly used excessive force against unarmed nonviolent demonstrators. One woman was choked on the strap of her messenger bag while another demonstrator was dragged across the road by his hair while he was shouting that he was nonviolent. Apparently these police aren't sure how to handle people who pose no threat. Mainstream reporting of these blockades is minimal because no windows were broken. In an isolated incident, one drunk right-winger expressed his contempt for these actions ironically by pushing activists off the sidewalk and into the street. For sure, many people will pooh-pooh the antiwar actions from their armchair while they acquiesce to whatever destructive military venture their leaders tell them to support. Moreover, following these actions, the newspapers will report on the cost of police overtime, however minuscule in proportion to the ever-expanding military budget for filthy wars during this time of economic recession." Waging war after war is the norm. You can complain about it with your friends. But stopping a Stryker convoy -- well, that just isn't civil.