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MONSANTO RoundUp (glyphosate) Empire causes BIRTH DEFECTS...in amphibian embryos, humans?

"BUENOS AIRES - The herbicide used on genetically modified soy - Argentina's main crop - could cause brain, intestinal and heart defects in fetuses, according to the results of a scientific investigation released Monday."

Over twenty years ago, the dangers of Monsanto's glyphosate as well as its associated GMOs were known scientifically to cause human health difficulties and Swedish researchers years ago in the Journal 'Cancer' noted glyphosate was connected to human cancer. Anyway, many scientists and public health workers researching it were fired. It's a mad empire's rush--the U.S empire and its corporate proxies--to desire (hell, the reality of) to own the world's food and dominate the whole world. It is destroying thousands of years of biodiversity security in the process. And Monsanto's empire of glyphosate is in virtually everything in the USA and worldwide. One foolish company, one corrupt federal government of the USA. Everyone should learn more about Monsanto in the film "The World According to Monsanto." (90 minutes). Monsanto's corporate contract should be revoked for endangering world health and killing off global crop biodiversity of thousands of years of work destroyed in one generation--in the mad rush to dominate the whole world's biodiversity.

Monsanto and the USA will go down in history as the organizations that caused most biological devastation and human suffering in human history.
Herbicide Used in Argentina Could Cause Birth Defects

BUENOS AIRES - The herbicide used on genetically modified soy - Argentina's main crop - could cause brain, intestinal and heart defects in fetuses, according to the results of a scientific investigation released Monday.

Although the study "used amphibian embryos," the results "are completely comparable to what would happen in the development of a human embryo," embryology professor Andres Carrasco, one of the study's authors, told Efe.

"The noteworthy thing is that there are no studies of embryos on the world level and none where glyphosate is injected into embryos," said the researcher with the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research and director of the Molecular Embryology Laboratory.

The doses of herbicide used in the study "were much lower than the levels used in the fumigations," and so the situation "is much more serious" that the study suggests because "glyphosate does not degrade," Carrasco warned.

In Argentina, farmers each year use between 180 and 200 million liters of glyphosate, which was developed by the multinational Monsanto and sold in the United States under the brand name Roundup.

Carrasco said that the research found that "pure glyphosate, in doses lower than those used in fumigation, causes defects ... (and) could be interfering in some normal embryonic development mechanism having to do with the way in which cells divide and die."

"The companies say that drinking a glass of glyphosate is healthier than drinking a glass of milk, but the fact is that they've used us as guinea pigs," he said.

He gave as an example what occurred in Ituzaingo, a district where 5,000 people live on the outskirts of the central Argentine city of Cordoba, where over the past eight years about 300 cases of cancer associated with fumigations with pesticides have turned up.

"In communities like Ituzaingo it's already too late, but we have to have a preventive system, to demand that the companies give us security frameworks and, above all, to have very strict regulations for fumigation, which nobody is adhering to out of ignorance or greed," he said.

The researcher also said that, apart from the research he carried out, "there has to be a serious study" on the effects of glyphosate on human beings, adding that "the state has all the mechanisms for that."

In the face of the volley of judicial complaints related to the disproportionate use of agrochemicals in the cultivation of GM soy, last February the Health Ministry created a group to investigate the problem in four Argentine provinces.

Argentina is the world's third-largest exporter of soy. EFE


watch on Monsanto:


The World According to Monsanto
A documentary that most Americans won't ever see since they live in the dark behind the U.S. corporate media Iron Curtain. The gigantic bio-tech corporation Monsanto is threatening to destroy the agricultural biodiversity which has served mankind as a collective heritage for thousands of years of work, to destroy it and us in a massive human experiment as it fires and ruins careers of public health officials to continue its psychopathic project of owning all global seeds (that they let die off) and to only sell their own. They bought up biodiversity of thousands of years in many seed banks and they don't sell these anymore...just to force people to move to their own patented dangerous crops--serviced by their dangerous birth-defect causing glyphosate.
90 min.
 link to video.google.com


Vandana Shiva on Monsanto
Planting the Seeds for Change: Women's Struggle Against Corporate Control of Biodiversity
51min 33sec
a lecture of Vandana Shiva, one of the world's most powerful voices for global environmental justice and cultural and ecological diversity.
2nd August 2004, UCTV: UC Santa Barbara
 link to www.stwr.org

Previous news on Monsanto as organized crime worldwide:


GMO threat summary vs. USDA quick putsch to let GMO corps/crops do without ANY regulation!
author: repost, Center for Food Safety
Main GM crops are SOY, CORN, COTTONSEED, and CANOLA. DESPITE recent Austrian Government Study Confirming Genetically Modified (GM) Crops As a Threat to Human Fertility and Health Safety, Bush regime pressures a quick putsch in its waning days for COMPLETELY unregulated Frankencrops/GMOs that produce drugs and other pesticides/herbicides in your food without your consumer knowledge, without labels, etc. This is despite huge documented heath problems. A book by author Jeffrey M. Smith, Genetic Roulette, distributed to members of congress last year, documents 65 serious health risks of GM products, including similar fertility problems with GM soy and GM corn: Offspring of rats fed GM soy showed a five-fold increase in mortality, lower birth weights, and the inability to reproduce. Male mice fed GM soy had damaged young sperm cells. .... US farmers reported sterility or fertility problems among pigs and cows fed on GM corn. India has documented fertility problems, abortions, premature births, other serious health issues, including deaths, in buffaloes fed GM cottonseed.


Monsanto Exerts Monopoly Control: Farmers Face 50% Roundup Glyphosate Price Hike
08:55 Apr-11 (2 comments)


France bans Monsanto GM-corn, Brazil allows GM-corn & peasants destroy greenhouse/fields
05:45 Mar-30
Asterisks (***) show how GM crops are a criminal mafia enterprise. When it comes to health, their local economy, and the health of their environment from the GM international corporate mafia, the Brazilian state lost its legitimate jurisdiction when it makes an unsustainable decision to be bribed by this GM mafia. Brazilian peasants knew it, taking back jurisdiction immediately:

[1] "On March 7th--International Women's Day--dozens of Brazilian women occupied a research site of the U.S.-based agricultural biotechnology giant Monsanto in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, destroying the greenhouse and experimental plots of genetically-modified (GM) corn. Participants, members of the international farmers' organization La Vía Campesina, stated in a note that the act was TO PROTEST the Brazilian government's decision in February to legalize Monsanto's GM Guardian® corn, which came JUST WEEKS AFTER the French government PROHIBITED THE CORN DUE TO ENVIRONMENT AND HUMAN HEALTH RISKS."

[2] La Vía Campesina held passive protests in several Brazilian cities against Swiss corporation Syngenta for ongoing impunity for murder of Valmir Mota de Oliveira. Mota was was assassinated last October during these the third occupation of Syngenta's ILLEGAL EXPERIMENTAL SITE for GM soybeans. Brazil already has a high number of land activist murders, THOUGH Mota's was THE FIRST during an occupation organized by La Vía Campesina, and the first in Brazil ON THE PROPERTY OF A MULTINATIONAL AGRIBUSINESS" where corporate hired thugs went out and killed him. ---- More news on criminal activities of GM corporations in asterisks, summarized at close of article.

This company poisons you knowingly and bills you for the pleasure.