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Riot Hits San Francisco On May Day!

Riot Hits San Francisco On May Day!
On the night May 1, 2009 approximately fifty people gathered and marched on Powel St., San Francisco. Many windows were smashed in the San Francisco downtown area and chants of "anti -Capistalista" and "fuck the state," were yelled. The activist, staged blockades, in the streets, comprised of trashcans. Additionally, they threw paint and water balloons into downtown San Francisco businesses, damaging the merchandise in the stores. Some of which, were shops that were still open for business. No arrests have yet been reported.
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hilarious corporate media video of aftermath:

time will tell 02.May.2009 19:38

democratic socialist

who really did it? sabatours or part of the movement. they all got away? How do you know what to believe anymore. They want us so destabilized.

Anarchist did it... 02.May.2009 20:37


Why do people always assume that agent provocateurs are behind any act of property destruction? There were no arrests because it occurred the way that all successful illegal actions happen, through word of mouth without the cops knowing about it. If the police don't know about it, there is very little they can do to stop it, why people always feel the need to advertise black blocs is entirely beyond my comprehension. And if the police cause violence to discredit anarchists, it will be something far different than a few broken window in a bourgy shopping district, they certainly know that people's sympathy doesn't lie with those shops in these times.