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Our May Day Demands

May Day came and went with very little mishaps. We marched, we shouted, we danced, we chanted and we laid out our demands and our disenfranchisement with this fucked-up system.
the cops were tame but a photo op is a photo op
the cops were tame but a photo op is a photo op
May Day has come to encompass several different movements and even more different messages. Among the groups present at May Day were: Anarchists, Socialists, Working Class, People from immigration rights, pagans, anti-government, anti-capitalist, anti-war, etc.

Portland's May Day march had a significant turnout and very little negativity from where this indy reporter stood and marched. The Po-po seemed to be...nice. Personally, I observed one cop asking a protester to "Please step aside, please," in a very passive way when a motorist tried to go through the very tail of the march. At first the protester refused so the cop accepted that and apologized to the motorist. One of the march's promoters then interceded and asked the guy to please move. Again he refused but then reluctantly did so. The cop thanked him several times and reminded the motorist to drive slow because there were a bunch of kids around. I was shocked.

Overall, I was happy to see that none of my comrades were fucked with and arrested, especially on May Day.

Following a theatrical presentation and a handful of speakers, we made it plain and clear exactly what a number of us were there for. We demanded an end to racist deportation and the separation of families, comprehensive immigration reform, no more bailouts for banks, taxes on the wealthy, sustainable jobs for all, a stop to cuts to education, social serives & Tri-Met, quality healthcare now, housing for everyone, protection for worker's rights, the right to organize and money for human needs and not corporate greed. And we demand it now.

homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzUbppCyPCQ

wait a minute 02.May.2009 13:51


I think it is important to stop congratulating cops for acting almost like reasonable human beings at demos, for a change. They may not have pepper sprayed a baby this time, or broke any bones, or busted out the rubber bullets and batons, but the threat of all that is implied by their presence... and many of the very officers who have done those things in the past were present. Many marchers who have been the victims of police abuse were also present. There can be no liberty with an imminent threat of reactionary violence and this gross power imbalance. Plus, I heard multiple instances of verbal harassment and intimidation of marchers on the part of the cops. This is not surprising. We don't owe those fools a damn thing.

re: @ 02.May.2009 15:27


You're right. The way they have acted in the past is reprehensible and therefore they have been held to very low standards as of late. I am glad that nobody got unnecessarily arrested but, then again, I shouldn't have anticipated that they were going to fuck with people just for the sake of doing so.

Portland Copwatch 02.May.2009 19:08

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

I filmed The May Day 09 march in Portland for Portland Copwatch (which was a first time doing so)
I usually film "for the people" Indy Media Style

I HAD to "film the cops" more than film the excellent march and activities and usual "peoples movement"
I was torn from what I wanted to do... and what I "needed to do" and what I said I was "gonna do"
I respect and appreciate Portland Copwatch so I wanted to help and offer my service for the "cause"

Personally I don't like putting on a bright yellow vest and say "Hey COPS I'm watching you" ...but someone needs to do it and someone better do it. I lend-ed my service to the "situation" for a better world (I'm optimistic) and I too have been pepper-sprayed and F* with by them same folks who we are talking about. I remember it all well, hence my peace n justice (media) activism continues.

My point relating to this comment on Indy is that, I liked that no one got F* with by the popo, no pepper-sprayed or there were NO stupid "Crowd Control set ups" ... No aggressive use of force or intimidation, NO ROBO COPS, The police I filmed were generally all friendly to me ...
(there were "way too many popo's out and that was probably a waste of money, resources, and time but I digress)

hey! Not saying I'm Mr police-lover ...Im just saying they weren't being Assholes to me or anybody I seen all day! thats just the fact from my observation ..And I like that!
So in my (who-asked) opinion I was pleased to see good behavior by the portland police and I was glad I seen no one getting abused or their rights being blatently violated.

Some cops looked at me like they may not like it I am filming them ...BUT most were friendly

That said: my memory is still sharp, and I realize with out people "exercising their rights and holding the police to be accountable, the police state and abuses will flourish. I'm dancing in the middle ground. I am working for peace and justice. Helping document police behavior is good when its "all is well"... when the shit gets ugly then "we all pay the price"

Portland May Day cops were pretty cool "this time" !
I heard that a cop even broke rank and ran to help a little girl who had slipped off a brink steps at Terry Shrunk plaza.

Not to forget... I went and did the deja-vu May Day *routine and filmed-the-cops-filming-me over across from the park blocks ..seems like ground hog day since it was the same two and the same place as last year (they say it is for "training") ...what ever?!

I will have some video footage here on (((i))) soon