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PMR Actions Begin in Tacoma

Stryker vehicles and support trucks are moving NOW from Ft Lewis to Port of Tacoma. Meet at Coffee Strong, in Tillicum / Lakewood. It's on the web.
This has been escalated to an ALERT (8:07PM MayDay)

To stay updated via Twitter:
text 'follow tacpolice' (without the quotes) to 40404 from the cell phone you will have with you when you go into action.
For Medic information, text 'follow tacmedics'to 40404
For legal support info (when folks are being let out of jail etc) text follow taclegal to 40404.
To follow the general list text follow tacgeneral to 40404.
For support info, text follow tacsupport to 40404.

To REPORT information about movements, arrests, actions, etc call 360-481-0694.

Please be patient: the line will be busy. We also take texts at that number. DO NOT PASS RUMORS. Only report WHAT YOU ARE SEEING. Please do not share PLANS, only REPORTS and assume you are being recorded. Say nothing you would not want read back in court.

What we know:

The Port of Tacoma will be the preferred Port of the 833rd Transportation Battalion. They will likely NOT use Olympia again for the foreseeable future.

The 833rd is an Army Unit which handles shipping of military weapons and vehicles and containers.

The Port of Tacoma facility they will use is called East Blair Terminal One, and it is on Alexander Avenue north of the 509 / Pacific Highway. This a VERY DIFFERENT site than the Terminal 7, Milwaukee Way site folks are used to if they participated in March 2007 or August 2008 PMR and SDS actions at Tacoma.

A simple map of the area which you already own is your right hand. Look at the back of your hand: your index finger, and call that finger the North West Detention Center. Then your middle finger is Terminal 7 (at the tip where your fingernail is). The East Blair Terminal One is on your ring finger, where your ring would be. It's a lot farther out than the other sites. It is not walkable at all, and that is why they like it. To get there you pretty much need a car, and parking is likely to be severely limited at the actual site, like it was last time.

The new site is likely to be used VERY SOON. We're seeing Honey Buckets (25 or 30) at the site already, as well as green camouflage containers (some with communication dishes on them). We don't think this is likely to linger for a whole month while they wait for the vehicles, so these signs point to action soon. Possibly as early as May Day (Friday) - maybe earlier.

This site is accessed from Alexander Way, but that road is blocked to normal traffic by a gate which is not shown on older maps. The traffic revision is shown on some Port of Tacoma maps so check their site for the latest maps. The Military is very likely to be able to drive through this open gate from the South while blocking our use of the same road.

The alternate access is via Taylor Way, then to Lincoln, then to Alexander from north of the site. This leaves you in a dead-end section of Alexander; Traffic cameras stare at you at the corner of Taylor Way and Lincoln. So be careful and check your 'papers' and car signal lights ahead of time.

The exits to this site are 136B (Port of Tacoma) from Northbound I-5 and 137 to 54th Ave E (which turns into Taylor Way) again from Northbound I-5. There is no direct access to Alexander from I-5. Convoys will have to slow and turn.

This load-out will likely involve convoys of Slat-Armored Strykers with markings like "5-2ID" visible on the Yellow rectangles on the (front and rear) LEFT side of the vehicle's bumpers. The slat armor is like a cage around the vehicle, and might obscure the numbers: but the side-front
right and left sides of the vehicle will also have white chalk marks beginning with "WA" if it is a local convoy to the Port. If the vehicle has no slat armor, it is likely from one of the two Stryker Brigades not currently deploying (these go later this Summer to Iraq). Photos are preferred if you can get them, reports of the numbers are also needed, as well as counts of numbers of vehicles, position on I-5, and direction of travel. Follow if able.

The 5-2 Strykers will go to Afghanistan, to the southern areas where opium poppies are grown and ambushes are more common. They will likely go to Pakistan or another South east Asian country and then fly from there over the mountains via C-5 Galaxy aircraft to avoid the passes in Afghanistan.

Use live.com (maps) or Google Earth to view the area before you go there, and to get ideas of what to do.

Someone might post updates at www.olypmr.org as well, later.