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PIMC not doing it's job anymore?

what happened PIMC?
In 1999 when folks from Media Island brought their equipment to form the first Seattle Indymedia Center, we saw something profound: a way for all of us to track and update the world in our events. It allowed for global solidarity, the ability of people at protests to see what was happening all over the protest, and it made it so we were all able to post updates, photos, audio, etc as it happened.

Portland Indymedia has been the most advanced group in the movement, but here we are on May Day and there are no tools available to really cover the protest. The last ten years have shown us so many innovations in technology: p2p, twitter, advanced cellphones, etc. etc.

we should be documenting the fuck out of this protest. But there hasn't been a page devoted to May Day protest at PIMC since 2007.

instead, @KBOO (KBOO's twitter feed) is the most up to date of any resource, and it's not all that good.  http://twitter.com/KBOO

I love you PIMC, but please step up and update the tools available so we can do some real work right now in this city.

tweet 01.May.2009 21:26

Joe Anybody

Good suggestions

I was multi tasking as it was
but your on to something

I see lots of potential


uh, wtf are you talking about? 01.May.2009 23:49

YOU not doing your job?

First, what is it about this annual May day demo that you think even *remotely* compares to the WTO protests of 99? Hmmm?

Second, what is it that you think we should be "documenting the fuck out of"? Another group of people walking around with signs? How much of that stuff do you really want to see? I was at the demo today, and I would think a few paragraphs of recap and a few photos would be more than sufficient. I'm pretty sure you're going to see that by tomorrow, even if you're too lazy to write it.

Third, so... you're using the Indymedia website to complain that Indymedia isn't providing you with the resources to cover the demo? Uh... why not just use the website to COVER THE FUCKING DEMO? Or are you too lazy to actually write something that makes any sense, and you'd rather complain that you're not being spoon fed enough?

If you want to cover something, fucking cover it. Don't start accusing others of not doing enough for you. If you want something done differently, fucking DO it.

Just to be clear: I'm not Portland Indymedia. I'm not speaking for them. I'm just pointing out a yutz when I see one. I can't believe the ridiculousness of a presumptuous person USING A RESOURCE provided to them BY Portland Indymedia volunteers, free of charge, free for them to use to tell whatever story of the day that they think is so important, and instead of telling that story this dope uses that resource to complain that "PIMC" is not doing its job? Fuck you.