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Did anyone witness a bicycle accident on 4/3/09?

I was hit by a car on 4/3/09 downtown during rush hour at around 5 pm. I was knocked unconscious due to hitting my head, so I have no memory of it. The hospital claimed to know nothing about the wreck. I am not from Portland and because I am new here, I need help.
I asked an acquaintance here about how it was the hospital staff who attended to me knew nothing about the wreck. He said it was
normal here. Yet, the ambulance guy who was carrying me in on a gurney said that I'd been hit by a car. The section of town I last remember being is traveling down SW Mill Street and was approaching SW 4th street. The wreck could have been there. I have 12 years bike commuting experience and 7 of those years was car free. I know enough what mistakes not to make, so as to how I got hit probably involved something illegal on the part of the driver.

I have a case number and this is all I have. Where I'm from you the hospital staff always knows what happened. I need cheap legal help, possibly, too. Unfortunately, I also have the issue that the cops have my bike. I went down to claim it and they said they couldn't release it too me because it was "abandoned property," and to call the officer who was present at the time. She hasn't returned my messages. I did try to get my bike with just my ID, because it seemed logical that this would be permitted.

While my friend claims this is all normal, that this policy is to keep just anybody from picking up a bike. Um, yeah, okay. Yet, to me this seems a disgrace that the cops would be so paranoid as to not let someone who was hit by a car, even check the condition of their bike.

Yeah, so I need some help. What I need most importantly now is education on what is and isn't normal behavior by the city here for cyclist accident victims. Tell me all you can, even if it is horribly depressing. I will have to handle it. For my close cyclist friends, a stolen bike, by red tape or thieves, is akin to having your lover held hostage. I will do what I need to.


Some things you might do 01.May.2009 08:01


Sorry for your accident. The police can not keep the bike if it is not evidence in a crime and probably don't want it crowding up their storage anyway. Contact the PPB property/evidence room with your case number. They will probably require an appt to go get it. The investigating cop may be able to answer some questions for you, but she will likely not have access to your bike any longer. If they destroyed the bike without your permission because it was so damaged they may be stalling some.

Also, if you are looking for answers you may have to go to the street where you think this happened and do your own investigation by talking with business owners or folks who are there every day. Remember, some of these business have video surveillance recording everything on the street, every day. Another tip is to call the ambulance company and try to talk with the folks who personally transported you to the hospital. They should know a lot more than the hospital people. The police are not likely to do all this or keep your bike unless there is a reported crime (hit and run??) involved. Best to try the cop on the day of the week/time when this all occurred, becuase that is the time/day of the week the cop likely is at work to return your call.

Hope you are better soon........Owl

some suggestions 04.May.2009 18:27

organic brian

- The Bicycle Transportation Alliance I'm sure could put you in touch with resources:

- There is a local email list that reaches a lot of cyclists:
You'll have to subscribe to the list (does not cost money) to post a message.