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Contact Procter and Gamble Regarding Animal Testing

This month animal activists are asking people to please contact Procter and Gamble to ask them to stop torturing animals in labs and then lying to the public about it. We are also asking that you join the boycott against P&G products - from Herbal Essence shampoos to Charmin toilet paper to Tide detergent to Iams pet food (that you should NEVER buy if you love your dog) to Crest toothpaste, and so many others. There are too many cruelty free alternatives to give these creeps any of your money. To find all of the P&G products to avoid, you can go here:  http://www.pg.com/en_US/products/all_products/index.shtml.
For more information about why anyone who cares about animals should be boycotting P&G, you can go here:  http://www.pandgkills.com/main.html.

For information about IDA's May 19th campaign, go here:  http://www.idausa.org/essays/global_boycott_P_G_day.html. This page has a link to an action you can take to contact P&G about their products. I actually did this, and emailed company heads about their corporate practices concerning animals. I got an "out of office" message back from one of them, Mary Woods, advising me to call if what I had to say was urgent. It was, and I did, and I urge you to call her too. Tell her you will not be buying P&G products until they stop testing on animals, because there are too many cruelty free alternatives. Here is the message I got from her, complete with her phone number:

"I will be out of the office traveling on business from Apr. 28 - Apr. 30, 2009 with
limited access to email. If this matter is urgent, please contact me at 513-780
6413 or you may contact Randall Chinchilla at  chinchilla.r@pg.com or 513-983-1988.
If not, I will reply to your message as soon as I return. Thank you."

Her email address, if you would like to email her, is  woods.mj@pg.com. Calling her, though, is so much more direct. Again, her phone number is 513-780-6413.

More P&G products to avoid: Duracell batteries, Swifter, Febreeze, Head and Shoulders, Metamucil, Downey, Bounce, Ivory, Pringles, Tampax, Cover Girl, Max Factor, Gleem, Luvs, Pampers, Aussie, Pepto-Bismol, Safeguard, Zest, Mr Clean, and so many others. Here is a list by product type:  http://www.pg.com/common/product_sitemap.shtml.

Please look for cruelty free alternatives to all the products that you buy, and avoid P&G like the plague.

Here are some resources for finding cruelty free products:



Please contact P&G to tell them to stop testing on animals. Please also boycott all of their products. And finally, do your homework to find cruelty free products so you can feel good about the products you use.