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Save Troy Davis

Troy Davis is on death row. He is accused of murder, but every single one of the non-police original witnesses against him has since recanted their story. There is no evidence against him, other than the testimony of people who later recanted and said that they were coerced by police into lying about his involvement. But because of a technicality, he has been unable to get a new trial. Do we need any more proof that there is no justice in America? This nation really sucks. But Troy Davis should not die because of it. Do what you can to save his life.
Amnesty International is holding an international day of action for him on May 19th ( link to www.amnestyusa.org), but don't wait until then. Act now.

Here is more information about his case:
 link to www.amnestyusa.org.

There are so many causes in the world, but we have the strength and the energy to act up for almost all of them. Put Troy Davis on your list. He could use the help.