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Please update us on Jostens prison slave labor graduation caps/gowns

Jostens uses prison slave labor to make graduation caps and gowns, etc. in South Carolina and elsewhere, where nonviolent poor are brutalized. Please post information about Jostens today and alternatives for seniors and their families who want the graduation ceremony experience without tax-supported slavery and brutality or the toxic waste from the materials.
In 2004 several Portland Public Schools students protested and got the "right" to graduate (after completing all graduation requirements) without paying money to Jostens, yet today, Franklin High School demands all students wear the cap and gown Jostens provides at exorbitant rates. in the past they could use marroon choir robes or used graduation robes or similar colored robes or even Dungeon and Dragons cape. But not now. Isn't this unConstitutional? Isn't it criminal to require conspiracy and complicity to commit crimes against humanity, violations of the US Constitution, and fraud/theft, and to pay the criminals so that their crime pays? At the expense of students and poor workers. How is it sound public policy and a good education to not allow students to exercise personal responsibility, financial responsibility, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility or freedom of religion (pro-freedom and anti-slavery/cruelty) ?

Please post additional information on Jostens, on PPS policy, and on options students and their families have who want to walk the stage and get their diploma without public humiliation. Thank you.


Prison Labor: U.S. style fascism,
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