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drug war

Kitchen employee unlawfully strip searched by Forest Grove police at Pacific University.

On MOnday April 27, an employee for food service company Aramark, was strip searched after an anonymous tip that he was carrying marijuana. No marijuana found.
Acting on an anonymous tip, Forest Grove Police came on campus and strip searched a food service employee at Pacific University on Monday April 27. No marijuana was found, no apology was given. Neither the school officials, nor the Aramark management stood up for the employee. No action is being taken against the person who called in the tip, or against the police for unlawfully searching a person working to make an honest living. I would like to see some numbers; like how much money was spent, how many officers were involved, and what more important crimes were ignored for this most worthless investigation.

call in the lawyers next 29.Apr.2009 19:04

tried n true

smells like a lawsuit