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Wildfire Hysteria & "Forest Biomass" Greenwash

a free public forum organized by Eco-Advocates (eco-advocates.org) & SustainEugene.org featuring George Wuerthner, ecologist & editor of "Wildfire: A Century of Failed Forest Policy"

Wednesday, May 6 @ 7 pm, Harris Hall (8th/Oak), Eugene
"Forest biomass" for electricity and liquid fuels is GREENWASH
In an effort to peel away the greenwash, Eco-Advocates (eco-advocates.org) and SustainEugene.org present: Wildfire Hysteria & "Forest Biomass" Greenwash, a public forum featuring George Wuerthner (ecologist & editor of "Wildfire: A Century of Failed Forest Policy"), on Wednesday, May 6, at 7 pm in Harris Hall (8th/Oak) in Eugene.

At this free event, learn:

how further exploiting our over-logged forests for America's over-consumptive energy habits will worsen climate change and resource depletion;
how industry, government agencies, and some elected officials have manipulated the fear of wildfire to sacrifice our forests to even more destructive logging;
why "thinning" our public lands native forests will do more harm than good.

In the quest for alternatives to fossil fuels, it helps to be on the lookout for false "solutions." The latest false "solution" is the proposal to further plunder our over-logged forests on both private and public lands, this time for electricity and liquid fuels. Both the timber industry and beholden government agencies greenwash "forest biomass" extraction as a "win-win," where forest "waste" from logging can be magically transformed into a "green" energy source.

But science and common sense demonstrate:

much of the so-called "waste" would come from unsustainable, toxic clearcut logging on private lands, or fraudulent "fire fuels reduction" logging on public lands.
there is no "waste" in a forest - only future nutrients.
all logging depletes carbon stored in trees, soil and leaf litter, exacerbating climate change and disrupting regional climate.


Right now Oregon's very own Senator Wyden & Rep. Defazio are sponsoring bills in the Senate (S. 536,  link to www.govtrack.us h111-1190) which would amend the Clean Air Act to classify "forest biomass" from federal lands as "renewable biomass."

Currently our National Forests and other public lands are ineligible for tax credits for "forest biomass" extraction. But the timber industry needs increased control over public lands for their next stage of forest plunder. Demand that Senator Wyden & Rep. DeFazio withdraw their invitations to industry to further consume our public forests, or do so at the cost of their environmental legacies.

Senator Ron Wyden
(541) 431-0229
405 East 8th Avenue
Suite 2020
Eugene, OR 97401

Congressman Peter DeFazio
(541) 465-6732
405 East 8th Ave.
Suite 2030

Eugene, OR 97401


Eco Advocates
1765 E. 43rd Ave.
Eugene, OR 97405




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