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definitely pandemic

translation excerpt from la jornada, and call for data
From today's La Jornada (Mexico City:

"According to their numbers, Monday (yesterday), 12 thousand, 312 people went to the centers of health of the government of the Federal District to receive the attention necessary, and to treat cases of influenza. Of this total, it said, 6, 610 presented/displayed some symptom or compatible sign with infection of respiratory tract, nevertheless only 29 people were referred to be hospitalized."

So--twelve thousand seeking help IN ONE DAY, and half of those already exhibiting respiratory distress. Meanwhile the numbers begin to expand exponentially in several countries. It's only a matter of time before the situation is declared "phase 6." (Notice, too, that cases are moving up the I-5 corridor.)

I hope to have the latest information on "the news you're not supposed to know" broadcast this Thursday morning on KBOO, and I find I need to ask for community help in gathering certain information. Specifically, I need first-hand reports on the condition of hospitalized persons in Ciudad Mexico: are they dying of pneumonia? Are they cyanotic? Are hospital staff affected? Are there little bubbles appearing on the skin of the chest? Sorry to mention these grotesqueries, but they indicate the nature and virulence of the pathogen(s). The presence of a strong pneumonia bacillus would greatly exacerbate mortality. These are primarily affairs for doctors, but journalists and commentators need to know, in order to help the society assess the situation.

This country (USA) is particularly afflicted with profit-damaged hospitals, i.e., there are not nearly enough beds nor respirators to deal with even a mild pandemic. In years past, extra hospital beds (as in other countries) were looked upon as a sign of progress, because epidemics and pandemics are predictably periodic occurrences. Not in the good ol' USA! We have only enough beds and respirators to be in constant use, so that they are producing the highest profit for the investors. It's not new news that such an arrangement is insane. Now it will kill. Blame the administrators, but also the investors, and everyone who jumped on the "profit uber alles" bandwagon (are you listening, Republicans?).

Maybe we could get some top bioresearchers onto finding a rapid cure--oh wait, they're mysteriously and violently deceased. Never mind.

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ban flu profiteering 28.Apr.2009 12:21

theresa mitchell

How about a bill to confiscate excess profits from Gilead Sciences, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi-Aventis, and even Kimberley-Clark (masks)? A similar bill limited greedmongering in WW2. That would dampen any future enthusiasm for pandemic profits.

oh 28.Apr.2009 22:30


ooohhhh!!! Pandemic!!! Fear frenzy!!! Fear frenzy!!! The news makes much too big a deal out of this. Hell, many thousands of people in the US die in car accidents every year. Worldwide, well over 1 million people die each year from auto accidents. That is over 3000 people per day!

latest from la jornada, plus call for more info 28.Apr.2009 22:39

theresa mitchell

4/28 via La Jornada/mod. machine trans. 10PM Pacific

2500 cases of "serious atypical pneumonia"

"Mexico, DF. The Health Secretary of the [Mexican] federal government, Jose Angel Cordoba Villalobos, said this evening that, up to now, 159 deaths have been registered in Mexico, of which the number of suspicious deaths by the pig virus has ascended to 152, whereas the number of confirmed deaths is placed at seven. In press conference, Cordoba Villalobos also indicated that until now they have registered 2,498 cases that have presented/displayed serious atypical pneumonia, and 1,311 people remain hospitalized. .... The secretary added that there are 26 verified cases of contagion with the pig virus, of which 7 are deaths, and 19 still living."

In addition to the information I was asking for above, I'd like to hear from anyone with first-hand information about whether the 2500 infected so far represent any social class or particular area of Mexico City. Also, is there delirium associated with the fever? La Jornada said 'serious atypical pneumonia,' which could mean a number of things I suppose. ¿Si usted tiene la familia allí, o amigos, qué él le ha dicho? Thanks in advance.

. 29.Apr.2009 20:54


definitely NOT pandemic! This is overblown fear mongering. Mexican authorities have reported that the number of deaths confirmed from so-called Swine Flu is 7 not the 150 or more bandied in the media and that most other suspected cases were ordinary flu or influenza.

Rumsfeld made millions on the last 'pandemic' which of course turned out to be nothing much at all.

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