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Viewers of WHY KERALA, GRAMPA? share their opinions of the movie.
"I viewed your beautiful Kerala video
last night. What a wonderful story/message/testament
on the graciousness of humanity. I'd love the
opportunity to view this movie with others
and have a discussion afterwards.
So much to talk about." Claire, Portland Oregon

The wonderful, ancient and enlightened culture of Kerala,
and its modern incarnation as a land of grassroots
social activism deserves to be better known in the West.
We obviously have a lot to learn,
and a look at Tom's profound and beautiful film
is a great way to begin.
A must-see...
Andy, Portland

Beautiful to watch, thought provoking, about things we
need to be thinking about, Why Kerala, Grampa? is an uplifting,
must see movie." -Ralph, St. Paul

This is the only time I'll ever send a group email such as this to you,
but "Why Kerala, Grampa?" is such a brilliant and wonderful film
that I have to urge everyone to view it. It costs $2.99 to see, Paypal or credit card.
I hope you'll watch it. Gary, Chicago

Tom Chamberlin has fashioned his personal journey to Kerala into a timeless vehicle,
on which he delivers a small state's hopeful message to the rest of the world.
Riding along was a joyful experience. The people, the place--the many beauties and sounds--are fine.
Watching the production of a mobile theater was not only fun,
but also a jumping off point for comparing Kerala's culture to our own.
Will we learn Kerala's lesson of oneness? A pleasing and valuable experience.
Once again, I truly enjoyed a look at such a warm and happy place.
Peggy, Portland

WHY KERALA, GRAMPA? can be viewed at
www.tchamberlinmovies.com for $2.99.

homepage: homepage: http://www.tchamberlinmovies.com