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Pens opened at Oregon game farm, in solidarity with Jordan Halliday

In the early hours of April, 18 2009, after making our way through muddy fields we
descended upon CSL Game Farm (7401 NW Kerkman Rd, Cornelius, Oregon) a breeder of
'game birds' for the meat industry. Outdoor pens housing pheasants and quail were
opened giving the birds a chance to escape into the night sky. The exact number
that got away is unknown, but we hope it is many.

We reject the anthropocentric world view, which regards non-humyn animals as
commodities -- resources to be bought, sold and exploited for humyn interests. We
are not interested in 'welfarist' reforms for bigger cages and longer chains or
menial legislation that only reinforces the status of non-humyn animals as
'property'. This is why we take direct action: to save the lives of animals here
and now -- not standing on the sidelines waiting for others to act, but realizing
that the only thing standing between an animal and its freedom is a latch on the
cage door.

This action was inspired by and carried out in solidarity with Utah grand jury
resister Jordan Halliday and all those who refuse to compromise in defense of all
life on this planet.


Freedom 25.Apr.2009 21:20


You have wings ..... FLY!