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Bandanna Solidarity for MAYDAY

To start off, I would like to make clear that this is NOT some sketchy call out for stupid things, but a serious idea for a simple action available to all participants in this year's Mayday celebrations. What I propose is that everyone bring bandannas & fabric scraps of similar size & material--for themselves & to share--so that every marcher may choose to go masked if they like.
Not wishing to tokenize Zapatistas or anyone else who goes masked, the associations are powerful and empowering. Relative anonymity also encourages people to act and speak their consciences in ways that closeup YouTube videos of your face do not. The most basic goal is show semblance of unity among workers, immigrants-rights folks, anti-capitalists, and all others who identify with the history of struggle symbolized by Mayday--regardless of the tactics they choose or are able to employ. My hope is that nearly everyone could go masked & so help contribute to and support a culture of resistance and solidarity that we all know is possible but not all-together obvious in Portland at this time. Mayday is OUR holiday. Let it be a coming-out party.