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Files for HLS Sit In

If one link is taken down, try the next one until you get a link that still has the file. Download the file (frame.htm) and open it in your browser.

As you may or may not have heard, the sit in against HLS on March 13th resulted in HLS's auditors website, RMSBG.com being shut down for one day, and HLS's own website, lsrinc.net shut down for at least 5 days. Let's do it again! Muhahahaha!!!

This Friday, April 24th, get to a public computer and check various United States city Indymedia sites for instructions on how to participate in the next action. Let's make life miserable for HLS and anyone doing business with HLS.


This months action is being done in solidarity with the ATEA 4, Grand Jury resistor Jordan Halliday, and the Utah 2.