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#5 Open letter of Sen. wyden

Will he stand with us?
Individuals for Justice
Individuals for Justice
Dear Senator **wyden,

Thursday, April 23, 2009
(Ltr #5)

Sometime ago we read with horror the abuses at Walter Reed Hospital and we continue to hear rumors of delays when veterans are waiting for services. We hear words from many veterans groups that once you get into the system it may be the best in the world.

Can you tell us that the system from the battlefield to home is now working in such a way that we are proud of how we handle our wounded soldiers. We are also concerned about how our veterans' treatment will be in the future. We hope they are getting ready to deal with a major influx of patients to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Where are the logjams now, and what are we doing to unclog the system in order to respond to the needs of our heroes? They did not ask for these wars but are/did serve well under some lousy conditions from the beginning of our invasion/occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq.

We ask that you do an honest investigation and find out for yourself where we are at this point and what is needed to ensure the best treatment of our wounded warriors. An example would be the treatment in Germany before coming home, do we know how many die in Germany vs. coming off the battlefields? We have slowed down the number of casualties and this may be a good time to double check before the increase of our troops are sent to Afghanistan.

We still remain outside your office on Thursdays but may move our protest because of the Judge **jay bybee scandal that has just broken. It is our understanding that you were one of 19 who voted against this criminal's confirmation, am I correct? You do get a big thank you if my information is accurate.

Can you find it in your heart to condemn the man who gave permission to the CIA to torture prisoners in our custody? Can you call for his Impeachment?

We have not received any responses to our four other letters we hand delivered to your office each and every Thursday. Senator **gordon smith did not answer our letters either, we don't have to write him anymore; that is a good thing!

** denotes refusal to capitalize because of contempt, lack of respect or just being disappointed.

" Lead, follow, or get out of the way."
Thomas Paine

For Justice and Peace,


Martha Perez, General Political Activist
Patty Walsh, Peacemaker
Malcolm Chaddock, VFP,
Joe Walsh, Lone Vet
VVAW-Veterans Against Torture
Gordon Sturrock, Co-Founder, Veterans
Against Torture, VFP
Sharon E. Streeter, Activist

Colleen Duncan, Activist
Barbara Ellis, Activist
David Ibbotson, Citizen
Clyde Chamberlain, Activist
Mike Tabor, Videographer,Activist
Cristy Murray, Activist
Roberto Lovato, Activist
Glen Owen~ CascadiaPublicRadio.org and pdx911truth.org

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