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VIDEO- Arizona Pastor - beaten, tasered, jailed, for not letting Border Patrol search him

Out of control violent border patrol agents, attacks US citizen who was not even crossing the border. All because he would consent to a search. Posted to the Internet on 4.15.
This is a 8.min video on YouTube
Homeland Security... beats tasers and jails innocent Baptist Minister in Arizona
here is his personal account in a video report


This just happened in the last week
The video is posted on 4.15.09
The man has (his new stitches and...) blood still on his face in this video

He was told a dog signaled that there was a person or drugs in his trunk
There was nothing in his trunk
They wouldn't show the dog acknowledging the claim there was something in the trunk
In other words it was contrived and was a false reason (LIE)

He refused to cooperate in the ILLEGAL search
And they fuked him up

They broke his car windows and then tasered him
Latter they crushed his head into the ground with a boot on his head holding him down

Then they mocked him and laughed as he was cuffed in their trailer with a face bleeding where he latter would require 9 stitches

I hope he sues for mass $$

This video link here - a different man stands up for his constitutional rights and doesnt get BEAT like in video above

A picture of Baptist Ministers forehead after Border Patrol abuse 22.Apr.2009 18:34

Why ?

here is a picture of the mans forehead

all he did was stand up to the fact he was being searched without 'probable cause' for no justifiable reason
Anderson beaten by Arizona Border Patrol 4.15.09
Anderson beaten by Arizona Border Patrol 4.15.09


Chris Diaz cdwriteme@yahoo.com

Anderson is a racist, sexist, homophobic psycho. Don't believe his phony Mr. Innocent routine.

Here's a link to a sermon about immigration on his church website. Save it to your computer. Fox News is already trying to use this little jerk to demonize Latinos. Please help me get the word out. Also, there are more sermons on his site, with a scary one about the president.