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Double Digging and Biointensive Gardening Workshop

A workshop held at the headquarters of City Repair, a local nonprofit that transforms spaces into places and reclaims the commons for public use.
This hands on workshop will empower us with the skills and knowledge to transform an empty soil canvas into a highly productive, space, resource, and effort-efficient, sustainable, vegetable minifarm. We'll learn the art of double digging, the powerful and easy bed preparation technique that aerates the soil in a non-destructive way and allows for more root space. With increased vertical root space we'll learn a more effective method of spacing and companion planting that will make use of the close proximity. Bring some working clothes and maybe workgloves. The work will be light, but the dirt will be abundant.

$10-20 sliding scale

May 3, 2009
3-5 PM

homepage: homepage: http://www.cityrepair.org
phone: phone: 571-242-5263
address: address: 3125 E. Burnside St. Portland, Oregon 97214