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What happens when nobody seems to know what they are doing?
Hear come the judge
Hear come the judge
The lone vet was ordered to two courts, yes two courts to plea to charges filled against him during the AIPAC demo, this is a fun report:

There I was all alone in the coffee shop located in the Justice Center waiting to meet with Malcolm who was going to join me for coffee before going up to see Judge Evans. Malcolm arrived about 5 minutes after I did, we shared some jokes and he told me that Grant was going to try to make it and join us in court. Grant came and the three vets walked over to the park to enjoy the sunshine and wait for 1300 to come around. We went over to the Center about 1245 and saw Sharon going through the security metal detectors and taking off any metal she was wearing or had on her. This was Sharon's first time going through this procedure, (I think) and I was touched that she would put herself through this to support me in court. We went upstairs to Community Court and entered with Dave also making an appearance and soon after there was Harry and Ineke. I was towing little earl with me because I had a bad night on Sunday so thought it would be good for all that I not pass out. The Judge came in and---horrors---it was not Judge Evans, but a replacement judge who did not seem to have much of a sense of humor. I was heartbroken, I had jokes ready, I had a big smile for the judge, but no; he was out and about.

We waited for about an hour before they called my name to plea and I was happy because things were getting a little boring, most save one or two people who were pleading, did not pay to ride the max line and got caught. Finally, it was my turn. I told the judge that before I could plea, he would have to straighten out the paperwork problem; you see the police officer in his wisdom had charged me with three violations of the law, but had me appearing in two courts at the same time on the same day--today at 1300. I was to be at Community Court and Circuit Court on 4th Ave. I am fast, but not that fast. The judge and clerk went into a huddle, and announced that yes, there was a mistake in the paperwork. I said I would plea but needed to know what I was pleading to in this court. The judge said something like OK I will throw out the other charge if you plea to the charge that we have on you. This sounded good to me so I said OK---NOT GUILTY. The judge looked at me and said, I can only throw out the other charge if you plea guilty and take community service. I said no, not guilty to all charges.

The result was that on one action, I had to go to two courts and put in a plea. The Judicial System was not working well this day. Now I have to get the two charges concerning one arrest to be tried on the same day otherwise I will face trial twice. I can't even imagine how they came up with this, except to say they don't give a damn about the cost in this matter. As a state, we are in hock about 4-5 billion dollars but let's have two trials because a police officer marked the wrong box. Amazing, and the butt of many jokes as our group went from 3rd Ave. to 4th Ave. to check in at the Circuit Court. When we all went through the security screening again they found a weapon on Sharon. It was a knife that was about as big as my pinky; made it through the first security check but the second one caught it and Sharon was told she would have to give it up or she would have to wait outside. We decided that she should wait outside and if I did not return in 30-45 minutes to leave for home.

I never did have to go to the second court according to the cashier clerk who said she would take my plea of not guilty, and they could have done this over at Community Court. Do not know who is correct in this, but seems like a waste of time and effort for a minor case. Off to my Mocha, Sharon said she would buy.

This tradition was started sometime ago that whoever is going before the judge defending a freedom gets a free cup of coffee. Did I ever tell ya how much I love mochas---yea I did.

We gathered and enjoyed ourselves with coffee and food for about an hour, good to be surrounded by good friends who can still laugh at life, even given what we see everyday in our lives. I truly believe, knowing what I know, if I did not laugh I would go insane in a matter of weeks.

So, thank you all for coming, thank you who sent good words and thoughts. The next step will be up to the lawyers I suppose, and I will keep all informed of what is happening.

For Justice and Peace

The fight continues tomorrow at high noon-first at 3rd and Madison and we will move on to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, come and say hello.

Judge Jay Bybee is among us in the worst way; he is a member of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and decides what is law according to our Constitution.

This judge is a scoundrel of the highest order, he wrote the memos that allowed the CIA and others to torture prisoners in our custody. He is a War Criminal and must be removed from one of the highest courts in our land.

During the Nuremberg Trials of 1946-52 it was established that Judges who justified torture, murder and gross violation of human dignity can and were tried under international laws. We, with other Allies, created the Nuremberg Tribunals assigning one of our best Supreme Court Justices, Justice Robert Jackson to be one of the prosecutors.

Judge Bybee is a disgrace and a stain on the Judiciary and must be impeached. Call your Congressional Representative and demand that this man be impeached immediately.

Individuals for Justice-----Portland, Oregon

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