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New Social Network: Radical Raw Vegans

Come get involved in creating alternatives to food industrialization and promoting public health education for the masses.
You needn't be a raw foodist to get involved. Raw fruits and vegetables are as important to the seasoned vegan as they are to sickly SADer (standard American diet eater. This forum is for all sorts of networking for meaningful social change. Mainly we will be focusing on a) meeting new friends and discussing politics around food, and b) organizing raw vegan potlucks, raw vegan skill shares, food not bombs and support groups. It was created out of the notion that all though they are many in the raw food movement that wish to make everything about "success" and green capitalism selling supplements and other treatments that are out of reach for most working class folk, there are other people in the movement, locally and globally who wish to make raw food accessible for all. The ultimate goal is to not even have raw food be an issue, that is to say, that eating our fruits and vegetables raw, vegan, in their natural state, unadulterated by pesticides, herbicides, irradiation, and the like will become the norm once again. Folks into the Anti Civ and Primitivist community will find comrads here, but be for warned we are a pro vegan site, so keep your talk of eating raw animals to your own forum. Anyway, there will be a lot of changes and additions occurring in the next weeks to come, so swing on by and join in the fruity fun!


homepage: homepage: http://radicalrawvegans.ning.com, circleakitchen.blogspot.com

This is fantastic! 22.Apr.2009 09:57


I'm so glad to see this post!
Raw eating has changed my life in many ways. And it can be so expensive, here in the US; even when you go to farmer's markets. Growing your own takes a lot of land and time, if you are eating 100% raw.
I'm hoping to learn how to eat raw on a lot less money.

This looks pretty dope 23.Apr.2009 09:56


This looks great! I'm all about raw foods. I've been trying to work towards completely eliminating any sort of packaged foods or processed foods from my diet.

As someone who considers themselves Anti-Civ, but not necessarily vegan or vegetarian (I eat fish), I think eating raw fruits and vegetables is extremely beneficial for anyone, including those who do occasionally eat meat.

Also, most primitivists/Anti-Civ folks agree with vegans on the fact that factory farming is cruel and disgusting, it's just some choose to eat undomesticated meat.

? 25.Apr.2009 06:05

pdx expatriate

Is this a joke?

"eating our fruits and vegetables raw, vegan, in their NATURAL state"

Do any of you have any idea what a domesticated plant is?

"green capitalism selling supplements and other treatments that are out of reach for most working class folk"

Referring people whose concerns you have spent no time engaging with as "folk" does not reflect an understanding that you actually know what any of their concerns are. What large body of working class people has ever said to you that they wish that someone would make it easier to eat organic raw veggies on their vegan diet because they couldn't afford their supplements?

working class 26.Apr.2009 17:09


Uh... maybe pdx expatriate is not aware of the fact that most of the people who read and post to this site are working class people.

Seems kinda funny that this person makes such an assumption. :-D