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Ex Clackams County Deputy Arrested on Multiple Charges

Ex Clackamas County deputy Brandon Claggett has been arrested and awaits arraignment today in Clackamas County court on charges of assault, menacing, kidnapping, and unlawful use of a weapon - a gun - in connection with a domestic violence incident last night.
Multiple MSM outlets are reporting that Brandon Claggett apparently went cuckoo last night, assaulting and apparently (as I gather from from the charges) holding a woman against her will. The various accounts differ (go figure!) but they universally (again, go figure!) soft-soap Claggett's history of violence against women by stating that he resigned after "being accused of inappropriately touching a 20-year-old woman who was participating in a ride-along with him". The real details are plain for them to see by doing a search of Claggett's name on their own web pages, but as per usual, they neglect to fill us in on the whole story.

Claggett, you may remember, is the 14-year veteran of the illustrious Clackamas County Sheriff's department who was allowed to resign last fall in the wake of an internal investigation of multiple allegations of stalking and having sex with young women and teenage girls while on duty, in uniform and in his patrol car. After three months time and producing a 500+ page report, the sheriff's internal investigation ended quietly when Claggett resigned. This conveniently allowed the report to remain confidential, and presumably, let Claggett keep his retirement benefits and perhaps even DPST certification.

In reality, Claggett did much, much more than just inappropriately touch a 20-year-old woman. He admitted to investigators that he sent pictures of his genitals to a teenage girl, sent sexually explicit text messages to other young women, and took at least one girl on five unauthorized ride-alongs - once taking her through two locked gates to Camp Namanu near Dodge Park. From the Post article: "Claggett told investigators the girl asked him to take her to a secluded spot at night, handcuff her, bend her over the hood of his patrol car and have sex in that position." Her story is much different. "She told investigators that he stopped the patrol car, took off his duty belt, vest and shirt and tried to drag her out of the vehicle. She said she was scared because he had a gun and she feared for her safety."

So NO, all you rubes in the MSM, he most certainly DID NOT just "touch" "a" "woman." He has a history of violence, coercion and sexual abuse of multiple girls. Let's get the freakin facts straight, shall we?

So anyway, as I wrote, the MSM reports differ. KPTV seemed to have the most complete details. [I watched it "unfold" (LOL) on TV this morning (First, Live, Loco!) as that poor shlep Marilyn Deutch huddled outside Claggett's house in Oregon City.] This is what they say happened:

Either his girlfriend or ex-wife (KGW says she was his wife, but I know he got divorced after his penchant for young girls was exposed) called 911 about 7:30 pm last night, saying she had been hurt and that the perpetrator, Claggett, was suicidal. She had run away from the home and was calling from a nearby store.

According to KGW: "Deputies surrounded the house for nearly five hours, only to find out that Claggett had actually left before they got there and drove to his mother's house to pick up his children." Ahhh, the Keystone Kops hard at work again!

Hilariously, KPTV reports that a "standoff ensued at the home," though I had no idea you could have a one-sided "standoff"!!! That's really just too funny. KPTV does love its standoffs.

They continue: "...but police said they later reached Claggett on his cell phone and learned he was in Salem to pick up his children. Officers said they convinced Claggett to meet them at the Haggen's grocery store, where he was arrested without incident."

So now he's being housed in Clackamas County jail, with all his old buddies, awaiting arraignment today on charges of assault, menacing, kidnapping, and unlawful use of a weapon - a gun.

Perhaps his boss, Craig Roberts, should have paid a little more attention to Brandon last summer when the writing was on the wall. Claggett never should have been allowed to skate as he was then, and now the repercussions are coming back to bite them all in the ass. They better get used to that feeling as the Kaady trial starts next week.

Killer Kops from Outer Space 21.Apr.2009 17:34

Rec'd a death threat from Clackamas County Pigs

What a sordid history. Clackamas County actually gives even PORTLAND a run for its money. The police are not our friends, this much is certain.

Just one question, door mouse. Is the Kaady trial really starting next week? I thought I heard it had been delayed by Clackamas County until 2010, presumably in the hopes that we'll all just forget about it, or perhaps that it will all be such a distant memory that we won't care. How they can pull strings like that is beyond me, but I guess the crookedness runs all the way through the entire "justice" system, all the way to the marrow. Anyway, this is what I heard.

Didn't know about delay 22.Apr.2009 12:49

door mouse

I hadn't heard about a delay in the Kaady trial. The only reliable news I get about this case invariably comes from IndyMedia, and the usual posters have been noticeably absent of late. Not sure why that might be, but I certainly hope they are safe and sound and aren't being intimidated in some way from writing here. Maybe it's just better for the Kaadys case that they don't. Legal strategy and all that.

But if anyone does have any definite info on when this goes to court, I'm sure a lot of us out here are wondering. Thanks!

No news 22.Apr.2009 15:33


No new posts at the "What Happened To Fouad Kaady" blog,
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Clackamas County Sheriff's Department 24.Apr.2009 00:28

Amandablack Ger,aine234@aol.com

It does not surprise me, that misdeeds are coveret up internally. Take the "Reports" of Elder abuse buse, financial exploitation, neglect and Clackamas Count Probate Fraud, while the deputies in the Sheriff's Office are Judge and Jury, practicing law without a license, while criminal "white color crime is swept under the rug. Take the case of an almost 10 year of lack of law enforcement, which escalated to Probate Fraud, yet the internal "Professional Standards Unit" at the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office calls the charges "UNFOUNDED" in spite of evidence to the contrary.

The New Attorney General need to investigate these County Sheriff's Departments, and clean house.....