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Write your legislator! Support community based solar, with living wages, HB 2121!‏

Should we have huge solar arrays in eastern Oregon that mostly benefit big utilities?


Community based solar that creates good jobs, puts solar panels on every roof in Oregon?

You decide..

Please support Oregon Renewable Energy Payments!
Hi Everyone,

Because the Committee may vote on HB2121 and HB3039 on Thursday, April 23rd
they need to get emails from us on Wednesday urging them to vote YES on
HB2121 and NO on HB3039.

We need everyone on this list to send an original, short email of two or
three sentences only, to the committee members listed below. Put the bill
numbers in the subject line.

Then contact two close friends with the following explanatory email and
personally ask them to do the same on Wednesday. If we can all follow up
with a phone call to our friends to make sure the email goes out, it will
really help.

Generating just 10 emails into each office will make a real difference. The
days just before a vote are when staff members are paying attention and
counting the numbers. Phone calls to committee member offices are optional,
but sending an email is mandatory because emails can be printed out and put
into the legislator's bill folder.

If people have any questions, please call Judy Barnes 503-232-1911 or Mark
Pengilly 503-286-5000.

Judy Barnes

Oregonians for Renewable Energy Payments


P.S.: When we learn that HB3038 is being voted on, we will need support
emails again, probably this Friday and next Monday. Stay tuned.


Here's what to say or send to two friends:

Have you ever looked into putting up solar panels on your home or business?

Has you church or kids' school ever considered it?

For most people, the cost of buying and installing the panels is so great
that even with tax credits, the amount needed is still more than most people
have lying around and most banks aren't lending. Even if you can get a loan,
the payback time through reductions on your electric bill is so long it just
doesn't make financial sense.

But what if financing was made easy. What if homeowners, businesses, and
nonprofits were guaranteed by law to be paid a good price for the
electricity generated from solar panels on their roofs? Then the banks would
lend because they'd know their loan would be repaid.

Such laws are being used in Germany and many other countries to increase
solar energy production and create green job. They are called Feed-in
Tariffs because they pay you for the energy you feed into the grid.

Legislation that would guarantee incentive payments for solar energy and
make financing easier for average homeowners, small businesses and
non-profits is now in Salem.

On Thursday, April 23rd the House Sustainability Committee is expected to
vote on HB2121 and HB3039, two bills that both claim to be feed-in tariff

But the two bills are quite different.

HB2121 creates a pilot program in Oregon to create 25MW of power from mostly
small-scale rooftop solar arrays by 2015 and to pay people above market
prices for the solar electricity they produce. HB 2121 would benefit average
homeowners and small businesses, create local jobs and is supported by
Oregonians for Renewable Energy Payments (OREP); Renewable Northwest Project
(RNP); the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) and the Public Utilities Commission

HB3039 would largely benefit big business interests and large investors and
undermines Oregon's renewable energy standards by cutting in half the amount
of solar energy a utility needs to produce to meet its goals.

Please send an email to members of the Committee. Tell them in two or three
sentences why you think it needs to be more affordable for people to put up
solar panels. Then urge them to vote YES on HB 2121 and NO on HB 3039.

Below is some sample language and contact information for the Committee.


Your name

Your address

Your phone


Here is a sample of what to send in your email:

SUBJECT: Give the bill number.

Dear Representative ____________ (send to each member on list below),

(Choose one or more of the following to start your email):

I own (have a neighbor/relative who owns) a home and want(s) to put solar
on my (their) roof.

I would like my neighborhood school be able to put up solar panels.

I belong to a church (temple, mosque) whose congregation would like to put
up rooftop solar panels.

I own (or work for) a small business that wants to put up rooftop solar.

I am training (planning to train) for a job in the renwables energy

I belong to a credit union (have an account at a local bank) and would
like them to be able to lend money for renewable energy systems.

I want to invest some money in small-scale renewable energy production in
my community.

Current incentives for putting up solar don't work well for most people.

We need a feed-in tariff law like Germany and other countries have that
makes the financing for solar easier and creates green jobs.

I urge you to vote YES on HB2121 and NO on HB3039.

Your name

Your address

Your phone

The House Sustainability Committee:

-Rep. Tobias Read (Committee Chair), (503) 986-1427,

-Rep. Cliff Bentz (Vice Chair), (503) 986-1460,  rep.cliffbentz@state.or.us

-Rep. Larry Galizio (Vice Chair), (503) 986-1435,

-Rep. Vic Gilliam, (503) 986-1418,  rep.vicgilliam@state.or.us

-Rep. Jules Kopel-Bailey, (503) 986-1442,  rep.juleskopelbailey@state.or.us

-Rep. Paul Holvey, (503) 986-1408,  rep.paulholvey@state.or.us

-Rep. Kim Thatcher, (503) 986-1425,  rep.kimthatcher@state.or.us

-Rep. Brad Witt, (503) 986-1431,  rep.bradwitt@state.or.us

phone: phone: 503-232-1911