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Cascadia: ICE Markets NWDC Business

The current operating contract for the Northwest Detention Center expires at midnight on Thursday 23 April. Because of delays caused by the Bill of Rights Defense Committee - Tacoma this contract will have to be extended on an emergency basis. A request for proposals has only just been released
RR Anderson Talbert Ruston and the NWDC
RR Anderson Talbert Ruston and the NWDC
ICE Markets NWDC Business
author: Timothy Smith
Apr 21, 2009 03:48

ICE released the much overdue solicitation for the next NWDC contract on 20 April (Hitler's Birthday).

The current contract expires on the 23rd so a modification and extension of the current contract are required for continued operation until this contract is let to the new operator.

The full solicitation can be found here:  http://tinyurl.com/dkgkvp

The Government will conduct a Pre-proposal Conference on April 29, 2009 at 9:00A.M., 24000 Avila Road, Room TBD, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677.

The Performance Work Statement  http://tinyurl.com/cs3bu9 is one of the most important parts of the contract and delinineates the
performance standards of the winning bidder.

The successful bidder takes this and turns it around for their contract bid to reflect their procedures.
ICE requires the bidder to collect activity on demonstrations and civil distrubances and maintain a private database and also directs them to report that information to ICE (from the PWS): "The Contractor shall share all intelligence information with the Government."

The Court Rooms will expand to five under the new contract.

The following have been required for the last five years but don't exist and local and State officials have disregarded and ignored citizens that have pointed this out on multiple occasions: "The Contractor shall have written agreements with appropriate state and local authorities that will allow the Contractor to make requests for assistance in the event of any emergency incident that would adversely affect the community." Page 31 sample PWS

If you ever wanted to do something about this place the time is now. Call your officials, write letters, tell your friends or contact me at:  mr_tjsmith@hotmail.com more infor at  http://christianchaplain.com/tsmith/

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