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Now More than Ever

War Tax Resistance is an act of non-violent civil disobedience that is needed even more now than ever.
I hope you will agree that now, more than ever, our efforts to stop war and bring justice - sanity! - to this world must not cease. If you do agree what I hope is a simple statement, then you may also consider adding a simple, everyday act of civil disobedience to your tool kit: War Tax Resistance (or Refusal) and Redirection.

Obama never was a "peace candidate" as was McKinney and Kucinich. Beyond that fact, I have to agree that those who say his "changes" are only window-dressing for the same-old-same-old. Even though most of us experienced a sense of sheer relief when he was inaugurated, we all knew that we'd have to redouble our efforts to effect true change in our government, including electing a better Congress and weighing in against the Corporate lobbyists. We do know this, right?

War Tax Refusal is not a lot of things: It's not sexy. It's not heroic. It gets less "ink" than even a one-person picket of a tree in the forest. It's not going to reduce the Pentagon budget or end war today - at least not until more people add it to their tool kits. So why do it?

Because if you work for justice in any area whatsoever, and you continue to pay for war you're working against yourself. And until we eradicate "bombs-and-bullets" as a "fact of life" we make possible and perpetuate all of the other forms of war - and I'll start this long laundry list with hunger and homelessness, because I know you can fill in the rest.

So tonight, Monday, April 20th at 7PM there will be a FREE workshop on War Tax Resistance and Redirection at Laughing Horse Book Collective, 12 SE 10th Avenue (1/2 block north of East Burnside on 10th).

Check it out. The most you have to lose is - fear of the IRS and resistance to your efforts to bring peace.

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