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Santa Cruz: McDonald's Attacked by Hooligans

April 19. Early morning, after the workers went home. Five windows smashed with rocks at McDonald's on Ocean St. An act of insurrection against work, capital, and the colonization of daily life.
McDonald's was mentioned recently in the local news for blatantly exploiting hundreds of workers over the span of years, forcing them to work overtime without pay when they were already working minimum wage and denying them access to the records proving this situation. The workers have resorted to the bourgeois legal arena with a class-action lawsuit, but McDonald's is profiting off the class war every day with the cops and ICE at their back.

McDonald's is also a sponsor of the 2010 Winter Olympics that are set to take place on unceded indigenous land in "British Columbia" this upcoming February. The accompanying land grab and development frenzy have been resisted by native warriors and anarchists alike with an uncompromising ferocity and revolutionary spirit. Solidarity to the Secwepmec and other First Nations protecting their ancestors' lands and bones, to anarchist rebels smashing windows and lighting fires, and to saboteurs everywhere destroying industrial infrastructure. We are part of this insurgent momentum that crosses borders and distances like wildfire.

McDonald's is almost embarassing in how much it symbolizes both the mainstay and the excess of capitalism. We are not those who denounce, protest, appeal to them to change their behavior. Their sponsorship of the 2010 Olympics and their obvious exploitation of undocumented workers, are not "issues" for which we seek reform, they merely mean that McDonald's is the first to be destroyed in our nocturnal attacks or in the coming riots.

From Alaska to Argentina, warriors unite! Don't wait for 2010, riot now!
Attack and destroy slavery and colonization everywhere!

fuck macdonalds 20.Apr.2009 15:49

al pawcino

Fuck Choke & Puke (Macdonalds), Burger Thing(Owned by Macdonalds)and other fast junk food outlets.