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Bash Back! Gets Fabulous

Bash Back! responds to Ken Hutcherson's connection to Watchmen on the Walls and the Puget Sound community's failure to hold him accountable. They do it by spray painting his church and gluing all of the doors shut.
To Everyone:

Last night the Bash Back Unwelcoming Committee greeted the Worldview Apologetics Conference attendees. The conference is being held today through Saturday at Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue, Washington.

When we first read of the conference we were excited. We thought the Christian Right was finally going to apologize for all the shit we've been put through lately, from the imprisonment of the New Jersey 4 to the execution style murder of trans woman Duanna Johnson, to the death this past week of eleven-year-old Carl Walker-Hoover who committed suicide after consistent unchecked homophobic bullying at school... But alas, appearances are deceiving. We looked up the Apologetics and that's not what it means.

We looked further into the host church more and found out that Pastor Ken Hutcherson, is a known supporter and colleague of Watchmen on the Wall, whose members who are responsible for the death of Satendar Singh in 2007.

As we write these three effigies, we remember the countless others that have been murdered as a result of the sick bigotry spewing from Ken Hutcherson's pulpit. He may not have tied the noose, pulled the trigger or thrown his fist, but his words have encouraged others to do so.

The Worldview Apologetics Conference was another opportunity for well-known queer haters to spread their bullshit. With titles like, "The Difference Between Boys and Girls; Exposing the Lies of Feminism and It's Cost to Society" and "It's Not Like Being Black; Why Homosexual Marriage is Not a Civil Rights Issue" these workshops promised a slanted view from a sick few.

To Queer Haters Everywhere:

Starting with last night's action, we're re-writing the "playbook". "Smear the Queer" may be your favorite pastime, but honey let me tell you, we fucking reclaimed the word Queer 15-fucking-years ago and we've got a diversity of tactics. When we wrote "Up Anarchist Queers", "Watchmen Are Killers", "We Are Beauty" and glued all the doors shut, we threw open our own doors and tattooed those words on hour hearts. Welcome to our world shitheads. We may have written on your walls, but you've written anti-queer rhetoric into law.

We hope your homophobic and transphobic hearts continue to sink as you are met with more resistance. Ours continue to beat, stead and strong as we dance in the streets and continue to make our liberation movement irresistible. We don't need permission from the government to build our families. WE build communities where gender self-determination, healthy bodies and open sexuality are loved. We walk with confidence and know our inherent self-worth. Our queer brilliance and fabulousness will always outshine the stink of shit you throw our way.

We would never settle for equality with you, we want liberation and nothing less. Queers around the world take note, the bigger the church, the bigger your canvas. We are here, among you, we are queer, every-fucking-where and we didn't start this war but was are BASHING BACK!

Sodomy in the ashes of Ken Hutcherson's "playbook",

SNAP! SNAP! 20.Apr.2009 14:49


You GO girl!

captain obvious 21.Apr.2009 13:03

You go girl (?)

Now I think you have hit on surefire way of changing the thinking of people you disagree with. Vandalize their property and call them names. This might just catch on after the world sees how effective it is.