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On Friday, April 10, 2009 James Tracy Cuneo who has worked diligently to bring you news and information you would not otherwise have was arrested by agents of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.
On Friday, April 10, 2009 James Tracy Cuneo who has worked diligently to bring you news and information you would not otherwise have was arrested by agents of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.


Ostensibly the reason given is that he "threatened to physically assault and kill an agent of the secret service". His home was searched by Federal agents who seized computer towers as well as taped and documentary evidence.

With regard to the charges against him and what he's actually done...

What he did was break the story in October about the connection between Nasa-Ames Research Center on the southern end of the San Francisco Bay, the over five Military Pshychological Operations Reserve Units based there, Nasa-Ames' friendly relationship with it's NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR Google along with a few other near neighbors like YouTube, MySpace, and Technorati - and the putting in place of Web 2.0 (our new controlled INTRANET environment). Within a few days of breaking this news Tracy had Secret Service Agents at his front door. And the interference has not stopped.

What he has been doing for months is DEMANDING that law enforcement officials from local police to Homeland Security and the FBI do their jobs and arrest the traitors who are wrecking this country and wrecking our lives. He has reminded Generals to Lieutenants on military bases across the country that their oaths are not to their commanding officers, but to the Constitution of the Republic of the United States. He has threatened. He has certainly threatened. He has threatened federal agents and law enforcement officials with CITIZEN'S ARREST for their treasonous acts.

We should ALL be demanding that these people do the jobs they swore to do, but we don't have the time - AND WE DON'T HAVE THE BALLS. Tracy does.

Tracy (a.k.a. 'Jim Cuneo', also widely known under the pseudonyms 'WalKnDude' and 'Enasni') is currently being housed for the U.S. Marshals courtesy of the Lane County Correctional Facility in Eugene, Oregon. He is being held without bail under suicide watch.

Tracy has chosen to protest his wrongful persecution through a hunger strike. As of today he has not eaten for seven days.

AND HE NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT! Lane County Jail 541-682-2245. Federal Agent in charge of investigation, Thomas Keedy 541-465-6309. Please call and let these folks know what you think of Tracy's treatment AND THE CHOICE OF THESE AGENCIES TO ATTACK PATRIOTIC AMERICANS INSTEAD OF THE REAL CRIMINALS!!!

OUR government seems to be using it's law enforcement resources to stamp out the last few patriotic Americans who actually give a damn AND ARE WILLLING TO STAND UP instead of doing the job we TOLD THEM TO DO - arresting the criminals who REALLY don't give a damn about you EXCEPT AS HUMAN RESOURCES.

We'll keep you posted on Tracy's progress. Please keep him in your hearts and minds. He is one of our last true AMERICAN HEROES.


POSTED BY: diana on 04/17/2009 03:09:27

Tracy's library of evidence of all kinds of wrongdoings by US officials (past and present) from negligence to outright, deliberate treason has been seized by agents of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement under the Department of Homeland Security. (They were kind enough to leave a barely descriptive receipt.)

But a vast amount of that evidence - a PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE is presented here, on this website. There is a lot of it, I know. But you may not have this chance again.

Tracy Cuneo is only one man. One man who remembers the lessons of his childhood. The lessons that tell us to be true to who we are, to keep our word, to do what is right and to take responsibility for each other. He's not perfect. He gets upset, he gets frustrated, he gets angry. But with every breath he breathes, with every molecule of his being, he knows, he remembers that we are here, in this life, on this planet - for one another. Not to be 'resources'.


He would tell you, "YOU ARE THE HERO - THERE IS NO OTHER."

POSTED BY: bdbob on 04/17/2009 04:04:57


POSTED BY: diana on 04/19/2009 08:55:48


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research needed 19.Apr.2009 18:13

theresa mitchell

The Affidavit is listed as item #9 here, and the indictment is #11:

 link to ws.infospace.com

The documents appear to claim that Cuneo "repeatedly" threatened a member of the Secret Service, as said member (Ron Brown) attempted to interview Cuneo about threats against Google execs and against George Bush.

on further reading 19.Apr.2009 18:30

theresa mitchell

The Affidavit says that Cuneo threatened Brown by saying that he wanted to hang Cuneo with a rope, or do him in with a firing squad, or an electric chair. It says Cuneo wanted to come to Portland to arrest Brown, and that Brown 'wouldn't see it coming.'

This is the Government's excuse for the arrest, basically. From my perspective, it seems that Cuneo, enraged at what he perceived to be secret police intimidation, shot off his mouth at Brown et al., rather than making a credible threat. Of course, I don't know Cuneo's side of the story yet.

I would expect a credible threat to be more along the nature of a threatened assassination, say by a lone gunman, rather than by the theatrical and probably rhetorical methods of firing squad, electric chair or gallows. I doubt that Cuneo has such a "squad," nor of course an electric chair, nor a 'hangin' mob.' In this context the comment "wouldn't see it coming" would likely refer to an agent's inability to predict nor perceive a political shift radical enough to threaten his normal activities.

It seems rather inadvisable to threaten a Government agent, if that is what happened. On the other hand, I would expect a professional spook to distinguish between real and rhetorical threats, and not to engage in politically based retaliation. I hope there is good legal reperesentation available for Cuneo.

But enough for a court to decide that? 20.Apr.2009 08:45

Mike Novack

I agree with your judgement Theresa, that probably based on the matters of fact should be decided that "just shooting off the mouth". BUT, and this is a big but, are you saying that a question like that (is it a credible threat or not) isn't a "matter of fact" as muct be decided by a jury? That's the way it is supposed to work, trial first, verdict after. Cases shouldn't proceed ONLY if the verdict is a foregone conclusion.

If he uttered threats like that, certainly enough for him to be CHARGED on that basis. Then up to the prosecution to convince a jury "real threats" and the defense "just running off at the mouth". Not necessarily all the way to the petit jury stage. Although we tend to think of a grand jury as a rubber stamp it is exactly in a case like this the grand jury members probably would insist on at least discussing "were those real threats?" (irregardless of the facts about whether the acused made them or not). Having sat on a grand jury, I know that I at least would be requiring the prosecutor produce at least some additional material to support the argument "real threats" before I'd have voted to indict.