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Andrej Grubacic speaking in Portland?

Is Andrej Grubacic speaking in Portland? It's up to you.
I just wanted to let people know that Andrej Grubacic who co-wrote Wobblies
and Zapatistas with Staughton Lynd is coming up to the northwest for a
speaking tour May 10-15. He will talk about anarchism in the 21st century
- a way forward and will share some of his personal experiences with
organizing with the Belgrade Libertarian Group in Yugoslavia and in the US
and elsewhere as an anarchist. Of course, he will also talk about his
book a little. He told me that he would really, really like to speak in
Portland and is interested in speaking there on Sunday May 10th.

The group that I'm in that's sponsoring this is an anarchist-communist
organization in the Northwest called Common Action. You can visit our web
site at  http://www.nwcommonaction.org/. We don't have an active branch in
Portland (yet) so we're looking for cosponsorship, a space to be reserved, possibly some funds and some help with work on the ground in setting this up.

Please write back if you or someone you know in Portland is interested. I left a message at Liberty Hall and with the Wobblies.

love and revolution,

Brendan Maslauskas
Common Action