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Earth day for Sea Lions, Cormorants, Terns, and other creatures

Today, as I was walking near a school in rural Colton, Oregon, I observed several volunteers, out planting trees, and improving the habitat near a stream that meanders through the school ground. Colton probably has more trees (albeit second, third, fourth, and even fifth growth) per capita than pernaps 90% of the country.
I applaud greatly the efforts that these folks are going to on behalf of a planet that they surely love. I do wish, however, that they would also take time out from their busy schedules, to write, or call "their" state Senator, Fred Girod, on behalf of fauna everywhere. The senator seems willing, and unless we stop him, able, to enhance the bounty hunters at ODFW, in their attempts to slaughter every living creature in a vain and misinformed attempt to "save" the salmon. Please folks, read some of the available information, such as is available in this finely written article:  http://sealiondefensebrigade.org/?p=358#more-358
If we do not do something to stop well meaning, but misinformed efforts like the ones Senator Girod is proposing, there will be little point in enhancing the environment, as the creatures that are part and parcel to this echo system will all be slaughtered, and we will still have the problem of extinction of the salmon. Simplistic answers, such as "kill, kill, kill," are hardly ever the proper way to address a crisis, most especially one that has been created by us.

Before you even BEGIN to take the word of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, take a trip to their "offices" in Salem. They are nothing but trophy rooms, filled to the rafters with dead, stuffed trophies that would make Frank Buck Jealous. Little wonder that the only "solutions" that they can proffer for "saving" the salmon is to kill, kill, kill.

Senator Girod is, I am certain, a well meaning person (although he seems very unwilling to listen to any discussion of opposing views), but in the case of the Sea Lion, he is also a very wrong headed person. Tell him so. Maybe if enough of us tell him so, some of our words will get past his folded arms and closed ears.