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First Sea Lions, Now Cormorants

First, officials went after sea lions. Now, legislators are trying to target cormorants for the same reason. They say that, since we humans want to kill so many animals, we need to kill off all natural predators so that we don't need to deal with our own unnatural behavior.
Senate Joint Memorial 7 is a bill that is sponsored by Fred Girod, the same guy trying to make it even easier to kill sea lions in Oregon. It's a bill that would make it legal to kill cormorants. Are you familiar with cormorants? They're beautiful black water birds with yellow beaks, who sit on posts on the river and hold their wings out like little statues, warming themselves in the sun.

Here is Girod's contact information:

Capitol Address:
900 Court St. NE, S-421
Salem, OR 97301
District Address:
101 Fern Ridge Road
Stayton, OR 97383

Capitol Phone:
District Phone:

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