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Empire Building

Which empire "owns" the most human beings
Empire Building

According to the book, "Who Owns The World?" Queen Elizabeth II is the largest personal landowner on Earth with a vast empire which covers one sixth of the planet's non-ocean surface. The Queen is the legal owner of 6,600 million acres worth approximately $25,700,000,000,000, with her main holdings in Canada (2,467 million acres), Australia (1,900 million acres), Papua New Guinea (114 million acres), New Zealand (66 million acres), and the UK (60 million acres.) The Queen also eclipses all other challengers by a healthy margin. The next largest landowners in the world are Russia with 4,219 million acres and China with 2,365 million acres. The second largest personal land empire belongs to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia who owns a mere 553 million acres of land.